Exercise 2: I SLASH Your Description!

Alright, I’m going to give you guys something new and exciting this week (well, maybe not exciting, but new anyway), and give you a brief break from character development. Next week, though, I’m going to swat you again with something character-related. It seemed to be a bit of a problem, and since getting over trouble spots is the whole idea behind these writing exercises—you get the idea.

This week, (are you ready to hate me? Oh, you guys are going to hate me… >=]) I want you guys to write a descriptive piece, as long as you like, but a minimum of a paragraph. The kicker? I want you to do your best to eliminate adjectives. Why? Because I know at least a handful of writers that use adjectives as a descriptive safety net. I know you won’t be able to kill them all, but believe me, making yourself aware of how often you use extraneous adjectives will give you a whole new tool to use in your descriptive writing.

In case you’re wondering, I did have to do this for a class once, so I didn’t just pull it out of my—ear. If you’re not anal-retentive yet, you might be by the end of this. XD

To review: Write a descriptive piece a minimum of a paragraph, and do your best to eliminate adjectives from your writing. It can be a setting, character, hell, it can be the couch in your living room for all I care. Just describe something. =]

Don’t forget to send me your links when you’re through so I can post them here! Good luck!

Steve at Crazy As… I’m leaving it at that, Steve. I can’t get your blog spelling down without referencing it. XD



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8 responses to “Exercise 2: I SLASH Your Description!

  1. As I have no idea how it will turn out, I can’t say I hate you…yet. I was curious though, if you could provide a small example? Perhaps just a sentence, but it would help to see what this sort of description would look like.

    • Blaaah. Okay, I haven’t written mine yet, since I’m having a little trouble with it myself, so I don’t actually have an example.

      BUT I have a technique that might make this easier. Write a descriptive piece WITH adjectives, as you would normally write it. Go back, and remove and reword to eliminate as many adjectives as possible.

      This is actually harder to explain and accomplish than I remember. @_@

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