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Refinement & Personal Growth

I’ve got an update!  Well, there are several updates, really, but this is the first one.

I’ve recently enrolled in Southern New Hampshire University’s creative writing BA program.  Awesome, right?  I know, I know.  I’m still an active supporter of “you don’t need a degree to write a novel.”  It’s true.  You don’t.  You do, however, need experience in editing and refining your work to make it appealing to people.  Some of us have more trouble with that than others, and so I’ve decided to go back to school for something worthy of my passion.  I’ve tried so hard to look for a degree or certificate program that would be a quick fix to my lack of professional direction, but there’s nothing out there that really makes me happy.

Writing makes me happy.

Writing is what I spend my time doing and thinking about.

Helping other writers to write well is something I take pride in.  It’s rewarding for me.

I can’t help writers with any credibility if I don’t further educate myself.  I can’t edit and rewrite my work very well, either, if you want the truth, and some guided direction is going to do wonders for me.  I just know it.  I want to be able to bring the benefit of these courses to others.  I want to be able to help you, my readers, and anyone else who might stumble on this blog.

I also have an announcement!


It’s true!  Our local writers’ group has spread from a small library in Southbridge, MA to three separate states!  I’d like to welcome Inkwell Imaginings – Oklahoma City to our ranks!  Honestly, we never thought it would ever get this far.  Now that it has, though, I’d like to talk to everyone about Inkwell.  I’ve told you about it before, I think.  It’s a group created for local fiction writers to gather socially, get their work critiqued by peers, and celebrate or commiserate over their stories.

Want an Inkwell in your town?  Let’s make that happen!  Keep an eye out for a post on “How to Create an Inkwell Imaginings Chapter Near You!”  I’ll include an FAQ about Inkwell, what we do, how to join or create your own, popular meeting formats, and how to contact me.


Don’t judge me, I’m getting there.  Chapter 6 will be done soon.  I’m debating on whether to go back and fix my first person chapters by putting them in third person, or if I should just write the whole thing, then go back and include it in my first-pass revision.  x_x Ah, writer problems.

Coming up next, a shameless plug for chain maille bracelets that will help me buy my school books… STAY TUNED! Same Bat time, same Bat channel.


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Random Update

No featured blog this week, but I will let you all in on some nonsense.

The blogging tribe idea has gotten a very slow start.  We’re all trying to hold onto our enthusiasm, I think.  My work schedule has included far too many 10-our shifts for my liking, so it’s been hard to really kick things into high gear on my end.  In all straight up honesty, I can’t wait to move back to MA.  Firehouse is draining me of anything that brings me even the faintest bit of joy.

On the up side, I plan to be back in Massachusetts by March.  I’m either taking up bartending or hairdressing, I haven’t decided which, but both look like some measure of fun, even if it’s only to find out I’m terrible at one or both.  I need to keep writing, and that’s been a bit of an issue lately.  I’ve been working at some flash fiction pieces that I’ll share soon, as well as some character creation.  In another realm of things, I’m getting myself situated with making candles and beauty products.  My new shop, The Midnight Magpie, will be open online hopefully within the month.

I know, I’ve got my hands in a lot of different pots right now, but I really need to find some measure of happiness in my life before I go completely insane.

On that note, expect a Flash Fiction piece on Wednesday, featuring a new character.  In fact, the next two weeks will feature brand new characters!    Yay!

Okay, enjoy your Monday.



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Kestrel, Flash Fics, and Other Nonsense


Recently, I’ve been consumed by writing and the progress I’m attempting to make in my own little writing world.  For instance, I bought a large white board, a small white board, a cork board, index cards, a new printer/scanner, a new flash drive, eight notebooks, pens, highlighters, dry erase markers, and a folder.  (Did I mention that I’m in love with “back-to-school” time?  It gets a little out of hand.)

I hung my cork board, plotted nine scenes in Kestrel (even the first two that needed reworking), hung those index cards on the cork board, and then… stared at them.

My next step?  I clearly hadn’t plotted far enough and I didn’t have any desk calendar paper left!  Tragedy. So I bought that white board.  Hung it.  Inside of ten minutes it looked like this:

Cell phone photos make me cry inside. I should get a camera.

Naturally I had to transfer all of that into my Scrivener document.  So I did.   Then?  I decided I loved a side character more than I should have, and needed to give her her own short story.  (I call it  character research because I needed to “get to know her.”  It’s mostly just self-indulgence.)  So I plotted that.  And that spurred me on to other character-exploration nonsense, so now I have a flash fiction to write that explores the exile-practices of Ularis.


I also got business card magnets, business cards, and a mug….  I’m making progress AROUND my writing, it seems, but not so much on the ACTUAL writing.

I’m trying!  August is going to be here soon, and I expect all you Camp NaNoWriMo participants to get moving on writing with me!  We’ll encourage each other!  No more excuses in the guise of progress! WE ARE WRITERS!

In short?  Write with me!  I may even create a G&L chat room to facilitate our writerly commiseration.  We shall see.  If there’s any interest in that, let me know. <3

Now… back to make-believe-progress.

À bientôt.


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Welcome to GogglesandLace.com!

That’s right, loves, I finally did it.  No more .wordpress nonsense!  And, as promised, I’ve worked out a new schedule for you.  Behold!

Writing Life  will now take place on Friday.  Every Friday, starting May 25.  I’m working on a backlog of posts to keep G&L going for a few weeks at the very least.  Writing Life   came in second on the poll I ran on May 2, so I will certainly be continuing it with renewed fervor.

Throughout June, I’ll be posting periodic updates and video logs of my progress on June’s Camp NaNoWriMo project.  You are all more than welcome to join me!  I love writing buddies.  Feel free to message me via email or Facebook or other such nonsense (see the Contact tab) and I’ll gladly get back to you!  Note: There’s no specific schedule for these posts.  They’ll come as I manage to write/film them.

New fiction, which scored highest on my blog poll on May 2, is also in the works.  Excerpts of my June novel (titled Muse), flash fiction pieces, and other such nonsense will hopefully come out on a weekly basis.  No set days yet.  Though, if the June novel goes well, I’ll be posting that once a week in short installments, much like I did for Letters from Blackford Hill.

SPEAKING OF WHICH!  Letters from Blackford Hill will no longer be included in the tabs above.  You can access it through the “Fiction” tab, and it will take you to the page I’ve created for it.  I will not be updating LfBH for the foreseeable future.  I do apologize for that.

Along with Goggles & Lace, you can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Tumblr.  Just look to the left, and click on the appropriate icon.  Have any suggestions for G&L?  New content?  A new look?  Message me!  My email is in the Contact tab.  I adore contact from you guys, and I’d really love to hear from you!

Here’s to another fantastic year at G&L, folks!  Thanks for being here!


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April Approaches!

With the G&L 2nd Anniversary on the horizon, I’d like to announce that, along with the anniversary writing contest, my blog will be sustaining an overhaul.  I still haven’t decided whether or not I will change the layout, but there will definitely be a new post schedule!  And my plan for the 22nd?  GogglesandLace.Wordpress.com will (hopefully) just be GogglesandLace.com!  Excitement!

I’m still calling for submissions, everyone, so don’t forget to send me a short story for the promo contest!  Read more about it!

Also, if you feel up to it, I’ll be Livestreaming progress on the new series due out sometime in April tonight.  8pm EST at www.livestream.com/kitwrites, keep me company!  Ask questions!  Better yet, suggest a title!  Haha.  Looking forward to chatting with all of you!


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Writing Prompt: The First Lie

Salut!  So, some of you must be wondering what happened to my posts for the last week and a half.  WordPress decided that it won’t post my scheduled posts in full.  The post text is deleted and replaced with my initial draft line, like the post was never saved.  So, I apologize for any emails that didn’t link to posts.  I think I have it under control.  To rectify the situation, both of the last two Writing Life posts will be posted this weekend.

LfBH will now be posted bi-weekly.  I can’t keep up with the volume and quality, and if I want to have less editing work later, I need to put the time in to make sure each post is up to standard.  The next LfBH installment will go up on Monday, October 24.  I know, it’s a long time from now, but I’m plotting a NaNo novel, and editing the hell out of the first 13 chapters of LfBH.  So, wish me luck.  =]

Now, for the writing prompt!

Write a scene in which a lie lands yourself or your character into a pot of hot water!


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Updates Mean I Love You!

It’s been a busy summer, folks!  But I’m back at home at my desk, G&L HQ, and ready to throw myself back into my work.  So, here’s the run down:

  1. Tomorrow, you’re getting Letters from Blackford Hill Part 12.  It’s going to look familiar to some of you.  <3  I hope it brings back fond memories of the beginning of LfBH, because it certainly did for me.
  2. Wednesday, Writing Life is back on track with a brandy-new post on clustering!  The how-tos and the whys are hopefully answered. <3
  3. Thursday is a special day at G&L!  For those of you unfamiliar with the Speak Out with Your Geek Out movement, I urge you all to check out the Facebook event page.  It urges the geek community to embrace its geekiness!  Let us all blog about our favorite geeky activities!  Share them with the world!  So, any day from Sept. 12 – 16, blog about your geeky hobbies, and Speak Out with  Your Geek Out!  Thursday is G&L’s day.  =P   Enjoy.
  4. Friday is another scheduled writing prompt.  I hope these are helping you guys out!  You’re all still welcome to share the pieces spawned by the writing prompts, and I’ll link them in the post! <3

I’m working very hard to get back on track, and three of the four above posts are already written and scheduled, so NO MORE FALSE PROMISES!

Speaking of false promises, does everyone remember when I promised you all a G&L e book exclusive?  I’ve been working on it, and I’ll be releasing it on Tuesday, Sept. 20th.  Everyone who has subscribed since May will receive a .pdf or .epub (other formats available upon request) ebook of exclusive G&L fiction!  The offer continues until October 31st, so if you haven’t subscribed and want the fiction that isn’t posted here, subscribe to the blog!  =]

One more thing!  Letters from Blackford Hill has been plotted to the end.  When it’s finished, I’ll leave it up on G&L while I edit, and when that’s done, it’s coming down.  LfBH will then be available on Lulu in ebook format… possibly in print, I haven’t decided.  What do you think?

Inkwell Imaginings, the writing group I began in Massachusetts, with the lovely Jessi of A BA in BS, now has a sister group in Jacksonville, FL.  And a website. <3  Progress!

Anyway! I’m back!  I missed you all!  And I’m eager to be posting again!


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Update from Hell!

I know, I know, I’m awful this month.  Camp NaNoWriMo has completely consumed my soul.  Though, I have to say, it’s  coming into the end of week 2, and I’m still hopelessly in love with my story.  <3

Good news, though!  Next Wednesday, G&L is hosting a bitchin’ guest post by Jessi from A BA in BA!  And it’s going to be spiffy.  Writing Life is happy to have her, so get psyched, people!

Tomorrow is writing exercise day, and I have one planned, so you won’t be entirely without posts this month.  =]

Love you all!  Iamsofreakintired. ._.;


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Little Update

Salut, kids!  I know today is LfBH day, but I’ve been a bit busy.  Camp NaNoWriMo starts in three days, and I’ve been working hard on my project.  It’s currently untitled, but it’s going to be big, much bigger than I’ve written in the past.  In fact, it might even take up the entire two months of Camp NaNoWriMo.  So, here’s a list of what’s going to happen at G&L over the course of July and August:

  • Letters from Blackford Hill and Talion will be bi-weekly, with LfBH posting on July 4th and 18th and August 1st, 15th and 29th, and Talion posting July 9th and 23rd and August 6th and 20th.
  • Wednesdays will still be highlighting Writing Life, probably surrounding Camp NaNo.  We’ll see.  I may bump it to bi-weekly as well, if my project turns into too much to handle.
  • I’ll still be posting writing prompts on Fridays for everyone who isn’t taking part in Camp NaNo.

So, there you have it. <3  LfBH will be late this week.  I’ll post it tomorrow.  If you have any questions, feel free to visit my Contact page and send them my way.

Anyone else taking part in NaNoWriMo’s first-ever summer event?


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Making Progress – Ebook Exclusive, Subscriptions, and Fiction, Oh My!

Salut!  I know I’ve been plugging this quite a bit, but I’m finishing up a few more fiction pieces for my ebook exclusive offer.  So, if you like my fiction, and want a free ebook containing three pieces of fiction straight from G&L, two unreleased Letters from Blackford Hill installments, and two pieces of original unreleased flash fiction, subscribe to us!  If you’re already subscribed and want the ebook, refer someone to G&L, and, using my Contact page, tell me who you referred!  You’ll both get a copy. =]

More information on this offer!

Not sure how to subscribe?  On the Home page, in the left-hand column, under “Follow the Adventure!” click “Sign me up!”  If you don’t have a WordPress account, you’ll have to input your email address.  =]

Also, after much toiling and upset, I’ve finally launched the first installment of Talion.  It will now update every Saturday.  Good news, yes?  Feedback is always appreciated, so don’t be shy!  Letters from Blackford Hill is still on schedule for Monday.  =]

Wednesday will be G&L’s first entry for “Writing Life,” a set of articles designed to help and encourage aspiring writers wrestling with their craft within the confines of “Every Day Life.”  I hope you all enjoy the series, and if you have questions or issues you’d like addressed, don’t hesitate to send them my way!

Update: Complete.

<3 Enjoy what’s left of your Sunday.  =]


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