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Brilliant Ideas & Traveling the World

I know, I’m attacking you all with posts lately.  (Which is how it really should have been from the beginning, only… better posts that mean something. =P)  I promise I’ll be posting better content.

Truthfully, Jade’s IndieGoGo campaign got me thinking that it couldn’t possibly be a better idea to start my own.  See, one of my biggest goals in life was to travel the world, scribbling down my tale (and various fictional tales inspired by my amazing truthful tales) and being a carefree lunatic and empowered woman, doing her own thing abroad!  I’ve been making slow-going plans for almost a year now, but being poor as I am, things fall through, working becomes more important than culturing myself, etc, etc.  All in all, being a “grown up” just gets in the way.

So, I’ve started an IndieGoGo campaign to get the ball rolling.  My plan is to go to England for three months on a working holiday–meaning I get to volunteer on farms, at B&Bs, inns, and in private homes for lodging and food–and write myself brain dead before coming home.  Hopefully coming home more cultured and with broader horizons–and possibly an ebook of my travel journal.

It’s going to be amazing.  So, if you’re inclined to contribute, I would love you forever.  =D  If not, take a look anyway.  Once I get the ball rolling, I’ll be updating a separate travel blog that might snag your interest!

So, a day in the very zany life, I suppose.  =P  Thanks for being here for my projects and whimsical nonsenses.  <3


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Something Peculiar!

The e-book exclusive I was promising all new subscribers has finally been finished and released!  If I had (or liked) champagne, I’d be popping a bottle right now!

Something Peculiar will still be available to anyone who subscribes to G&L between now and October 31st, so if you thought you missed your chance, think again!  All you have to do is sign up to receive email updates of any posts by G&L, and I’ll send you your copy.  If you’ve subscribed since May and haven’t received your copy, email me at gogglesandlace [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll send your copy right out. <3

It’ll arrive as a PDF, but I have other formats available upon request.  (Honestly, the MOBI is a much better presentation than the PDF, but PDF is a bit more popular.)

In any case, I feel victorious. <3


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Updates Mean I Love You!

It’s been a busy summer, folks!  But I’m back at home at my desk, G&L HQ, and ready to throw myself back into my work.  So, here’s the run down:

  1. Tomorrow, you’re getting Letters from Blackford Hill Part 12.  It’s going to look familiar to some of you.  <3  I hope it brings back fond memories of the beginning of LfBH, because it certainly did for me.
  2. Wednesday, Writing Life is back on track with a brandy-new post on clustering!  The how-tos and the whys are hopefully answered. <3
  3. Thursday is a special day at G&L!  For those of you unfamiliar with the Speak Out with Your Geek Out movement, I urge you all to check out the Facebook event page.  It urges the geek community to embrace its geekiness!  Let us all blog about our favorite geeky activities!  Share them with the world!  So, any day from Sept. 12 – 16, blog about your geeky hobbies, and Speak Out with  Your Geek Out!  Thursday is G&L’s day.  =P   Enjoy.
  4. Friday is another scheduled writing prompt.  I hope these are helping you guys out!  You’re all still welcome to share the pieces spawned by the writing prompts, and I’ll link them in the post! <3

I’m working very hard to get back on track, and three of the four above posts are already written and scheduled, so NO MORE FALSE PROMISES!

Speaking of false promises, does everyone remember when I promised you all a G&L e book exclusive?  I’ve been working on it, and I’ll be releasing it on Tuesday, Sept. 20th.  Everyone who has subscribed since May will receive a .pdf or .epub (other formats available upon request) ebook of exclusive G&L fiction!  The offer continues until October 31st, so if you haven’t subscribed and want the fiction that isn’t posted here, subscribe to the blog!  =]

One more thing!  Letters from Blackford Hill has been plotted to the end.  When it’s finished, I’ll leave it up on G&L while I edit, and when that’s done, it’s coming down.  LfBH will then be available on Lulu in ebook format… possibly in print, I haven’t decided.  What do you think?

Inkwell Imaginings, the writing group I began in Massachusetts, with the lovely Jessi of A BA in BS, now has a sister group in Jacksonville, FL.  And a website. <3  Progress!

Anyway! I’m back!  I missed you all!  And I’m eager to be posting again!


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Happy Independence Day – and other less pleasant things

Okay, so a quick, belated “Happy Independence Day” to my American readers. <3   Explosives and excessive amounts of alcohol are the American way.

A brief update on the e-book.  Calibre and I are not getting along.  I’m reformatting everything, and making it into a PDF with Scrivener.  Is that okay with everyone?  Does anyone need a different format?  I’ll do my best to accommodate, but you HAVE to let me know what you need.  I’m not psychic (though that would be pretty freakin’ cool).

AND WHAT IS THIS CASEY ANTHONY GARBAGE!?  I am so seething mad, I can’t even tell you….  So, a neglectful, soulless, lying bitch goes free and an innocent little girl gets no justice.  I’m so disgusted with the verdict of this trial, it’s maddening.  She may get four years with possible time served for lying to investigators.  What the hell do they think she lied for?

I’m not going to go on a rant here.  I just needed to vent a little of my anger.

BUT. I hope you all enjoyed your Independence Day.  I’ll be posting a Writing Life installment tomorrow. <3  For all of you taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo, happy writing!  Good luck!


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I’m so behind.

So, with allergies and illness peppering my last two weeks, I’ve been scrambling hard to try to get everything done.  So, here’s a status update:

  • E-Book Exclusive:  Will be out in a day or so.  I had some issues with my final piece, and I… honestly probably should have given Calibre a test drive before I decided to use it.  I’m still working out some snags, but I’m getting there.  So, another day or so.  I promise. <3  ALSO, if you subscribe via RSS, I do not have record of your email.  If you’ve subscribed after May 18th, please send me an email at gogglesandlace [at] gmail [dot] com so you can receive your free e-book!
  • Talion:  All the ridiculous issues with Calibre, the e-book, and the health situations had me so busy I forgot today was Saturday until ridiculously late last night.   ._.;  I swear, not being (gainfully) employed is really killing my sense of time.  This is entirely my fault, and I’ll probably have a late update on Tuesday for you. <3
  • Letters from Blackford Hill:  ON SCHEDULE!  <3  Part 10 will be posted on Monday.

I really appreciate everyone’s patience the last couple of weeks.  You’re all fantastic. <3

Things G&L can offer in the meantime:

  • Check out some of our back Prompts/Exercises, or participate in this week’s Apocalypse.
  • Catch up on LfBH or Talion before their next installments.
  • Sign up in the left hand column for a regular email update of G&L, and receive the aforementioned e-book exclusive!

Thanks again for all your patience, interest, and encouragement!  I love you guys!


Happy birthday to my Dad!

And happy Father’s Day to all you other Dad’s out there!


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