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A Paige Full of Words

I’ve decided to rekindle Featured Blogs on G&L!

First Featured Blog of 2013 is actually a brand new blog itself.  A Paige Full of Words is written by a girl who, judging by her handful of posts, I can identify with completely.  When she has an idea she’s passionate about, it consumes her.  She supports an organization that encourages writing love letters to strangers (not unlike Operation: Beautiful that I’ve been plugging for ages now).  She’s honest and soul-bearing and full of life.  There have been few posts to her blog so far, but the second I started to read it, I knew that this was a blog I would happily subscribe to.

Oh, what ties this into G&L is that she’s also a writer.  =P

I look forward to more of your musings, Paige.  Thank you for sharing yourself with the world.  =]



January 13, 2013 · 8:31 PM

Featured Blog: The Unabridged Girl

Wednesday again!  You know what that means!


I felt like PeeWee Herman just then….

Anyway.  Featured blog this week is a FANTASTIC lady I’ve been following since I started out in WordPress last year.  She’s had her ups and downs, but I’ve never seen her lose her optimism.  Even her sadder posts end on a happy note, and sometimes in life, it’s impossible for a person to see past the rain to the sunny days ahead.  Her posts and the quality of her fiction are just so outstanding, once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop.  Trust me.  So, I present:

The Unabridged Girl!

Speaking of her fiction, she’s currently working on a project called Weatherly, for which she’s posting excerpts as she writes them.  Holy fantastic~! The first installment leaves you begging for more, and the intro to the piece?

Dear Friend,

If you are reading this, I have gone to God and pray my bones rest in peace.

I charged Mr. Colley not to let a body peek a written word ’til I was three days in the ground. No doubt, he has done well. Now I do not give a wisp about your judgments, so leave with you a full record – best to my knowledge – of the events at Weatherly.


If that doesn’t make you want to read, I haven’t the faintest idea what would.  Incredibly compelling work.  <3

Mckenzie has been a massive source of inspiration for me, and I know she’ll be the same for you.  She’s an amazing blogger and friend, and I’m proud to feature her blog on G&L.  =]


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Bonus Pre-Featured Blog: Kissing in a Tree is Dangerous!

Here’s the thing.  Last week I destroyed my schedule, and failed G&L.  So, in light of the fact I failed to feature a blog last week, I’m posting a featured blog today and again tomorrow.  I was going to do it Wednesday and Thursday, but I’m making Thursday another fiction day.  Swamping myself a little.  =P

This first blog, while it has nothing to do with writing, speaks with passion and from the heart about gender issues and the LGBT community.  This girl is super fantastic, and her voice deserves to be heard in the blogosphere!  It’s a personal blog with passionate posts, and so I introduce you to:

Kissing in a Tree is Dangerous or the Lovely Lesbian

Check her out!  Believe me, she fits incredibly well with my spunky readers. =]

Featured blog for this week tomorrow, kids!  Don’t miss it!  (Here’s a hint: many of you know and love her already! *squee*)


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Over My Head

So, I’m working on the next installment of Phae/Tully, and I realize that I’ll need at LEAST 6 MORE ENTRIES until I get to the point in the time line where Stitches took place.  And 3 more entries until I can introduce Felix again.  Ugh.

Right now, this is what it looks like:

1. A Letter from Count Malrais
2. Phaedra Meets Tully (Which I think I’m just going to call Tully, it’s less clumsy.)
3. Unreleased Entry. Phae/Tully  —  Posting Monday, 03/14/11
4. Unreleased Entry. Phae/Tully
5. Unreleased Entry. Phae/Tully
6. Unreleased Entry. Felix
7. Unreleased Entry. Felix
8. Unreleased Entry. Phae/Tully & Felix
9. Stitches

And so on.

So.  That installment was poorly timed.  =P

This week I’m posting a featured blog on Wednesday and another on Thursday to make up for my slacking last week.  Friday’s exercise is already in the drafts and ready for posting.  I’m on track, kids, I promise!  Just got a little sidetracked this week. <3

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Featured Blog: {Courage 2 Create}

Happy Wednesday!

This week’s Featured Blog goes to one of my fantastic bloggy friends, Ollin Morales over at {Courage 2 Create}!  I’ve been reading Ollin’s blog for the better part of the last year, so… not quite from the beginning, but I have to tell you, of all of the blogs that I read, {Courage 2 Create} has grown the most.  It began with Ollin’s committing himself to writing his first novel, and has since blossomed into a fantastic resource for writers.  Here, let me show you his category list, taken straight from his “How to Read This Blog” page:

The range in posts from personal to professional gives a sense of support and encouragement from {Courage 2 Create} to its audience; it says ‘this blogger cares about his readers.’

In addition to the categories listed above, Ollin also offers consultation services for artists and writers, in three different categories: blogging, writing, and storytelling.  The proceeds go toward making {Courage 2 Create} bigger and better, and giving Ollin the means to continue helping his fellow writers.

My readers genuinely need my advice and my support and I would NEVER abandon them, or, worse, retract my compassion for them. —  {Courage 2 Create} post, 01/31/11

The passion and effort put into {Courage 2 Create} is staggering.  It’s one blog I can honestly say a budding writer cannot do without.

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Featured Blog: A BA in BS

For my ‘Featured Blog’ post every Wednesday, I decided that I only wanted to feature blogs that offer tools or insight to budding writers.  And after two solid days of scouring WordPress, going through my blog roll (and there are quite a few of you that are on my list to be featured, by the way), and agonizing over who I would choose for my first blog post, I decided on… *drumroll*

A BA in BS by Jessi Peterson

I know, I know, it looks like I’m playing favorites, but I swear I’m not.  =P  Jessi’s blog includes a new series of posts called “The Writer’s Toolbox” and also a whole string of webinars related to the content presented at our Inkwell Imaginings (a weekly workshop and critique circle) meetings.  Along with useful tidbits like the aforementioned, you’ll also catch her posting fantastic tidbits of flash fiction and character studies.  Definitely worth a look (and a place on your blogroll) so get to it!

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