Salut!  I’m Kit.  I’ve been running Goggles & Lace since April 2010, and since then it’s gone through many phases.  Initially, G&L was a the personal blog of a writer trying to kill time and make friends, participating in odd memes, life updates, and all around nonsense fun.  I started posting “writing advice” pieces from the perspective of a struggling writer with no degree in writing, though they lacked a bit of structure and served more as passionate rants and shouts of encouragement to the others in my position.

I’m aiming for something a bit more professional these days, and I even considered taking it to a new blog entirely.  But Goggles & Lace is home and a place where I’ve grown so much in so little time, thanks in large part to the fantastic friends that this blog has brought to me.

For now, the forefront project for G&L is Writing Life, set to post as regularly as possible.  I may pepper the schedule with randomness now and again.  I know you’d all miss my crazy if I was serious all the time.  <3


Post Projects

Writing Life.  We writers need to stick together.  It’s in the Writing Life series that I’ll address issues, fixes, and overall advice for my fellow writers (and also as reminders to myself. I’m not perfect. =P)  If you have any questions or issues that need addressing, visit my contact page, and send your inquiry on over.


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  1. Good luck!! :-D

    If you’re into steampunk, you should look up Andrew Rosenberg over at Blogger. (You should be able to find him by Googling his name and ‘The WriteRunner’.)

    – Corra

    The Victorian Heroine

  2. I am absolutely into steampunk, and I absolutely will do that. Thanks for the tip! <3

  3. You call it imagination, and then you say it’s empty? Come on girl, vent it out! You have all the bandwidth in the world!
    Besides, Jan 7th is ages away! ;-)

  4. Hi, I liked the book Boneshaker. Have you read this book? It is Steampunk. Good day, lovely.

  5. Just a quick question, Kit — where’d you find your background image?? :) Thanks!

  6. Jess Witkins

    Popped over from Unabridged Girl, I like the breakup of your posts. Consider me a new subscriber, I look forward to your journey and the writing prompts for sure!

  7. Erin M

    Kit! Couldn’t find your e-mail address anywhere. I’ve been moving blogs all over the place, but I think I’m settled now at http://alongsong.wordpress.com/


  8. I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog. I was looking for my friends blog, which I thought was the Unabridge Girl, but I think her blog is Little Red Writing something-or-other. I’m a novice to Steam Punk, writing mostly niche fiction for my church and straight up mysteries for the populace. I need some tutoring in the SP world for a plot I found in a dream for the next NaNoWriMo in November. I hope you don’t mind me latching on like this…..I’ll try to contribute bestest as I can, but I have a promise to myself to do two posts in my two blogs each month (and I’m already behind) 1 )psyche-stew.blogspot.com and 2) thebreadmachinesapprentice.wordpress.com.