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In the Spirit of Summer

Here’s a list of starters and prompts.  I want you guys to have fun with this one.  Lazy July days are necessary. <3

  • Write about your dream vacation. If you could go anywhere or do anything this summer, what would you do?
  • I was lounging on a beach on Maui when suddenly…
  • The last thing you expect to find in a swimming pool is…
  • Most kids set up a lemonade stand to make some money, but not us. We decided to…
  • This is going to be the last summer when I…
  • One thing I wish I’d done differently last summer is…
  • The minute the fireworks started going off, I…
  • Write a story about people from a land of perpetual summer visiting people from a land of perpetual winter, or vice versa.

Thanks to The Writing For Children Resource Site for these prompts!


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Making Progress – Ebook Exclusive, Subscriptions, and Fiction, Oh My!

Salut!  I know I’ve been plugging this quite a bit, but I’m finishing up a few more fiction pieces for my ebook exclusive offer.  So, if you like my fiction, and want a free ebook containing three pieces of fiction straight from G&L, two unreleased Letters from Blackford Hill installments, and two pieces of original unreleased flash fiction, subscribe to us!  If you’re already subscribed and want the ebook, refer someone to G&L, and, using my Contact page, tell me who you referred!  You’ll both get a copy. =]

More information on this offer!

Not sure how to subscribe?  On the Home page, in the left-hand column, under “Follow the Adventure!” click “Sign me up!”  If you don’t have a WordPress account, you’ll have to input your email address.  =]

Also, after much toiling and upset, I’ve finally launched the first installment of Talion.  It will now update every Saturday.  Good news, yes?  Feedback is always appreciated, so don’t be shy!  Letters from Blackford Hill is still on schedule for Monday.  =]

Wednesday will be G&L’s first entry for “Writing Life,” a set of articles designed to help and encourage aspiring writers wrestling with their craft within the confines of “Every Day Life.”  I hope you all enjoy the series, and if you have questions or issues you’d like addressed, don’t hesitate to send them my way!

Update: Complete.

<3 Enjoy what’s left of your Sunday.  =]


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ALRIGHT, LAZINESS!  I have had enough of you!  So, here’s my new strategy:

  • I’m compiling writing prompts and challenges, and I’ll post one every Friday.  Anyone who wants to participate in the writing challenge and share it, link me to the finished product in a comment and I’ll post the link on the writing challenge post.  =]  You can link me at any point during that week.
  • Every Monday will be my ‘post a piece of fiction’ day.  It’ll probably be mostly flash fiction, or excerpts.
  • Weekly or monthly guest blogger?  We’ll see.  If you’re interested in exchanging guest posts, drop me a line!
  • Every Wednesday, I’ll be hunting down handy writing blogs and sharing them with all of you!   So, yay and such.

In a nutshell?

  • Monday – Random Bits of Fiction Day
  • Wednesday –  Writing blog hunt!
  • Friday – Writing challenge day!  (If anyone has any writing challenges to share, let me know!)
  • One of the other four days? – Possible guest blogger!

Okay, everyone get excited now. <3  I know I am.  Also, I hate my new layout, but I’m working on it.  I am fully aware that it’s horrendously ugly.  =P


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The Role of Gaming in My Writing

I’m a gamer.  Well, a lapsed gamer as of late, actually.  This new lack of gaming in my life has led me to consider just how role-playing affected my writing.

Have you role-played?  Table-top, play-by-post, LARP?

The role-playing process starts with creating a character.  In table-top gaming and LARP, there will be a set of rules, guidelines, and restrictions you create your character by so that s/he fits into the universe transcribed in the handbooks and players manuals.  In play-by-post, it’s usually left to the player’s discretion, however, combat has it’s own set of guidelines depending upon the chat client, forum, or individual combatants.

My first role-playing experience was with play-by-post in Yahoo chat rooms back in 2000/2001.  I wasn’t very good at it, mind you, not at the time.  But within a few months, I began using role-playing as a way to test out characters and give them life before I plopped them into a storyline.  My writing was just as awful as my role-playing posts back then, and I recently dug out the notebook that housed some of those ventures and… I have to say it made me cringe.  It also reminded me how much fun writing used to be, using my characters in different mediums before I gave them life in a story.

I still do a little play-by-post RP now and then, though now it’s more for recreation than to test out my characters.  If you’ve never done it, I advocate trying it out.  Taking a character, giving it life in an alternate universe, giving it the option for romance, drama, anguish, and anger outside of your daily writing.  It pits your character against the character created by someone else, it makes your character have to react to what that other character is saying and doing.

It keeps you thinking on your feet.

It gives your character a new sort of life and consciousness.

It makes you separate what you’d do, and makes you think what s/he’d do.

I’d like to get back into role-playing for that reason.  My characters have new life that way, new quirks, and a much more 3D personality.  Bring me back to my roots!  Maybe make writing fun again and break through this awful barrier.

Table-top RP is fantastic too, but the structure is much more rigid and offers you the chance to act as your character in the situations the GM/DM throws at you.  Still fun!  But not as useful (to me, anyway) in working through my writing and character blocks.

Any spiffy gamers among my readers?  What are your experiences with role-playing and your writing?


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Dave Magario’s Tour Dates!

As promised, I have a list of my friend Dave’s tour dates! There’s a pretty good smattering of cities in there, kids, so check to see if yours is listed!

10/22 – The Raven || Pleasant St Worcester, MA || 9pm $5 21+ and $7 18+

10/23 – Goodbye Blue Monday || 1087 Broadway St Boorklyn NY || 8pm Free All Ages

10/24 – Sidewalk Cafe || 94 Avenue A at 6th St NYC ||  8pm $5 All Ages

10/25 – Greece Ridge Mall Hot Topic || 271 Greece Ridge Center Dr. Rochester, NY || 6pm Free All Ages

10/26 – Founders Brewing Company || 235 Grandville Ave SW Grand Rapids, MI || $5 7pm

10/27 – Keweenaw Brewing Company || 408 Shelden Ave Houghton, MI || $5 8pm

10/29 – Rhinos All Ages Club || 331 S Walnut St. Bloomington, IN  ||$5 7pm

11/03 – House Show || Washington, DC || Free All Ages

Check out Dave’s music and website in my previous post: Dave Magario, ON TOUR!

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NaNoWriMo site launch was today!  I’m still waiting on my profile to be updated to give me my very handy-awesome ML powers, but it seems like everything is coming along steadily.

Anyone participating in NaNo is free to add me as a friend.  <3  I’m super excited.  I’ve even got my novel concept finally coming together.  I had three or four in the running last month, but I decided.  =P

My very awesome relationship with the Southbridge public library is  only getting awesomer!  (Awesomer– new word.  Check it out.)  Margaret and Ashley loved our ideas for Inkwell Imaginings, and they’re excited about NaNoWriMo and the write-ins we’ll be holding there.  They even mentioned that they were sorry they couldn’t PAY Jess and I for the workshops we’re presenting!  PAY!  I never thought the work was worth that, but now that I think about it, I am working harder on this than anything I’ve ever been paid for. Lol.

Anyway, excitement aside, I’m going to be super busy over the next two months.  I’ll keep everyone updated!  I might even start my NaNoWriMo video blog again this year.  It’s faster than typing, but we shall see.  Those might be posted here instead of text updates.

I loveth you all!


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Inkwell Imaginings Workshop Schedule

We’ve got the schedule for II made up!  Anyone interested in being present via Skype, let me know, and we can get this all situated.  All meetings start at 6pm EST.  Inkwell Imaginings is also on Facebook, if anyone is interested in joining the group for updates.

Inkwell Imaginings

Writing Workshop Schedule

October 25th: Character Creation and Development. A workshop to create believable heroes, villains, and supporting characters, and bring depth to your story through them.

November 8th: Outlines. A rundown on outlines, how to use them, the pros and cons, and the many ways of making use of organization and prewriting.

November 22nd: World Building. A workshop to discuss how far world building should be taken, detail levels, and creating a believable world from the ground up.

December 6th: Grammar. A crash course in basic grammar and the big “no-nos” an editor will slap you for making.

December 20th: Dialog. How to create dialog that flows naturally. No one likes reading a book and thinking, “People don’t talk like that.” Make use of dialog and what it can bring to your story.

January 3rd: Building a Scene. Bring your story to life by learning how to create a scene that’s compelling and moves your story forward. “The basic unit of fiction is not the sentence or the paragraph, but the scene.” — Unknown

January 17th: No Inkwell Imaginings due to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

January 24th: Writing Flow and Style. A crash course in how to find your style and gain an ear for the flow of language in your fiction.

February 7th: Contacts, Resources, and the Publishing Industry. Learn the importance of networking, the process of submitting your fiction to various markets, and what’s expected of a writer in the world of publishing.

Any questions, email:

Kit —> katiemacconnell@gmail.com

Jessi–> jessipeterson@gmail.com


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Well, to add one more project to my growing list, I’ve just got some very fun news!  I’ve just been confirmed as a Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo 2010!

Woo!  *dancedancedance!* (refer to the webcomic below)

This is how I feel right now.

Watch out, Elsewhere, MA!  WOO!


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Dave Magario, ON TOUR!

I return!  But this time I’m putting a hold on my writing updates to offer the spotlight to a fantastic musician and great friend of mine, Dave Magario!

This is the most recent of Dave’s blog posts, announcing his upcoming tour:

A few days after my last post a very short, very great conversation happened…

“Hey Dave, what are you up to next month?”
“Uh…not much. I’ve got a couple shows…”
“Wanna go on tour?”

And just like that, there’s a tour being booked and the ideas start flying. Over the course of the last week and a half I’ve gotten T-shirts, Stickers, CDs, and made a pile of the denim DAM Bracelets I started selling last year. So from October 22 to November 5 I’ll be on tour with Greg McKillop. When it’s mostly confirmed, I’ll post up the cities and dates. See you thursday!

I’ve known Dave awhile now, and it’s been really great to watch him grow musically from our high school choir days to where he is now.  (And the answer is, yes, Dave. I had to bring up high school.  =] )  Seriously, if you haven’t heard his work, check him out, buy his CDs, and look for him on tour.  I’ll have his dates posted as soon as he gets the confirmations!  Subscribe to his blog!

Dave’s Blog:  Dave Magario, Officially

Sample his music and look for show dates on his website.


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Tagged! I’m so bad at tag. XD

I was tagged by Mckenzie at Sideways Thinking so… here I go with answering questions.  =]

1. If you could have any superpower, what would you have? Why?

I’ve put a lot of thought into this, being that I’m a crazy comic book fanatic, and I’ve narrowed it down to three:  Flight, super fast self-healing powers (I’m a klutz and I think Wolverine needs to share), and the ability to manipulate an element.

2. Who is your style icon?

AHAHA, really?  Probably middle school emo boys.  I have no idea.  I’m pretty tshirt and jeans with my amazing Converse All-Stars.

3. What is your favorite quote?

I also have way too many, so I’ll just reference one I like:

“The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.”  ~Anaïs Nin

4. What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

I’ve received a few.  Mostly about my writing or my backside.  I enjoy both, though the latter is a little more awkward than the former.

5. What playlist/cd is in your CD player/iPod right now?

A jumble of weirdness.  I have SO much crap on my mp3 player that ranges from Disney to Manson.

6. Are you a night owl or a morning person?

Night owl.  I very rarely get to bed before 4am, and I prefer it that way.

7. Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Both?  I love both, really.  I have a dog named Baby.  I want a cat.  I also want a turtle.

8. What is the meaning behind your blog name?

Steampunk.  I don’t know, it just sounded good at the time.

So… tagging.  XD  This is the hard part.

Jess @ A BA in BS.  (Yes, Jess, I’m serious.  Do it.  =])


Miss Rosemary

June H.

Heather S. Ingemar

Slightly Ignorant (even though she’s in Berlin and don’t know when I’ll ever see her again.  =[ )


And that was like… 7 right?  Close enough. <3  Have fun with this one, kids.


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