Featured Blog: A BA in BS

For my ‘Featured Blog’ post every Wednesday, I decided that I only wanted to feature blogs that offer tools or insight to budding writers.  And after two solid days of scouring WordPress, going through my blog roll (and there are quite a few of you that are on my list to be featured, by the way), and agonizing over who I would choose for my first blog post, I decided on… *drumroll*

A BA in BS by Jessi Peterson

I know, I know, it looks like I’m playing favorites, but I swear I’m not.  =P  Jessi’s blog includes a new series of posts called “The Writer’s Toolbox” and also a whole string of webinars related to the content presented at our Inkwell Imaginings (a weekly workshop and critique circle) meetings.  Along with useful tidbits like the aforementioned, you’ll also catch her posting fantastic tidbits of flash fiction and character studies.  Definitely worth a look (and a place on your blogroll) so get to it!


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