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Dave Magario’s Tour Dates!

As promised, I have a list of my friend Dave’s tour dates! There’s a pretty good smattering of cities in there, kids, so check to see if yours is listed!

10/22 – The Raven || Pleasant St Worcester, MA || 9pm $5 21+ and $7 18+

10/23 – Goodbye Blue Monday || 1087 Broadway St Boorklyn NY || 8pm Free All Ages

10/24 – Sidewalk Cafe || 94 Avenue A at 6th St NYC ||  8pm $5 All Ages

10/25 – Greece Ridge Mall Hot Topic || 271 Greece Ridge Center Dr. Rochester, NY || 6pm Free All Ages

10/26 – Founders Brewing Company || 235 Grandville Ave SW Grand Rapids, MI || $5 7pm

10/27 – Keweenaw Brewing Company || 408 Shelden Ave Houghton, MI || $5 8pm

10/29 – Rhinos All Ages Club || 331 S Walnut St. Bloomington, IN  ||$5 7pm

11/03 – House Show || Washington, DC || Free All Ages

Check out Dave’s music and website in my previous post: Dave Magario, ON TOUR!

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Dave Magario, ON TOUR!

I return!  But this time I’m putting a hold on my writing updates to offer the spotlight to a fantastic musician and great friend of mine, Dave Magario!

This is the most recent of Dave’s blog posts, announcing his upcoming tour:

A few days after my last post a very short, very great conversation happened…

“Hey Dave, what are you up to next month?”
“Uh…not much. I’ve got a couple shows…”
“Wanna go on tour?”

And just like that, there’s a tour being booked and the ideas start flying. Over the course of the last week and a half I’ve gotten T-shirts, Stickers, CDs, and made a pile of the denim DAM Bracelets I started selling last year. So from October 22 to November 5 I’ll be on tour with Greg McKillop. When it’s mostly confirmed, I’ll post up the cities and dates. See you thursday!

I’ve known Dave awhile now, and it’s been really great to watch him grow musically from our high school choir days to where he is now.  (And the answer is, yes, Dave. I had to bring up high school.  =] )  Seriously, if you haven’t heard his work, check him out, buy his CDs, and look for him on tour.  I’ll have his dates posted as soon as he gets the confirmations!  Subscribe to his blog!

Dave’s Blog:  Dave Magario, Officially

Sample his music and look for show dates on his website.


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Brew Your Muse!

I’ve come to the realization that inspiration always strikes when I’m elbow deep in something that can’t be dropped for the sake of a notepad and pen.  No exceptions. I could sit at the computer for three straight days and not have as many amazing ideas as I do when I’m in the shower, washing dishes, or walking my dog.  And, naturally, before I’m done the task, someone or something always managed to distract me enough that the ideas go right out of my head.

Are you guys ready for my crazy solutions to this problem?  Okay.  Good.  Please feel free to laugh, I don’t mind.

  1. Verbalizing the idea. In short?  Talking to myself.  My family must think I’m batshit crazy because I stand in the shower and work out plot details out loud.  It comes from that whole “hear it, see it, do it” method of teaching that gets kids to remember things better.  I’m talking and listening to myself at the same time, and it helps to cement it in my memory.  Like repeating a person’s name when you meet them, so you’re more likely to remember it later.  =]
  2. Record it! I don’t do this one, personally, because I hate listening to my own voice.  I have friends that swear by recording their ideas onto their cell phone.  It’s the one thing most people always have with them, right?
  3. Repetition. This one is boring.  Think it over and over and over.  Boring.  But it gets the job done, usually, until you can run like hell to a notebook and scribble the brilliance onto a page.
  4. Avoid talking to people. Seriously.  Nothing will kill your train of thought like unrelated conversation.  Also, don’t put yourself in a zone to the point where you almost get hit by a car.  I’m very lucky to still have my legs from the knee down. >_>
  5. Maybe it’s just in my case, but don’t listen to music with lyrics. Music with lyrics KILLS my train of thought, and I end up rocking out and feeling something completely different by the time a song is over.

What’s the point of exploding awesome ideas into your head if you can’t remember them, right?  I’ve heard that “if the idea is really great, then you’ll remember it sooner or later.”  Maybe for some people, but most of my great ideas are pretty fleeting.  I blame my very-much-undiagnosed ADD, I don’t know about you guys.

No matter where your Muse percolates its awesome ideas, try not to lose them.  One of them may turn out to be the best thing you ever write.  =]


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CPR from Other Artists to Get Your Creative Flow Going

At a recent gathering of friends, my best friend’s fiance made a statement at breakfast that made me think about how I get my inspiration.  He said:

“Writers never read in their own genre for fear of contaminating their writing.  It’s a fact.”

Um.  Is it a fact?  Because I don’t see any statistics posted on this topic.  Let me just make a few points from my OWN experience.

1.  I’ve never met a writer who has only written in one genre.

2.  I’ve met at least a handful of writers who get irritated that their writing has to be classified as a genre.  (Mostly because certain bits of fiction are hard to categorize, not so much for a hatred of labels. Labels aid in marketing after all.)

3.  As far as I’ve experienced, it’s essential for a writer to read within and outside of the genre s/he is currently writing, if only just to see what’s been done to death.  Combining and twisting genre barriers is a great way to get a fresh spin on something that has been done to death, and how can you do that if you don’t get a wide sampling of what’s out there?

Books are not the be all and end all of inspiration, either!

Movies, music, art, and life are all massive contributors to my plot soup!  And why shouldn’t they be?

For instance, I’m watching Inkheart right now because I loved the book, and I have a ridiculous crush on Paul Bettany — the movie gives me the best of both worlds.  It inspires me, not to plagiarize the story or the bare idea, but to breathe that kind of believability, conviction, and life into my characters!  Sometimes I watch a movie or read a book, and think, “This is the feel I’m going for–if I strike out this, this, and this, and add a little this, that, and the other thing.”

Crushes on Paul Bettany are inspiring, too, right?

Artists, writers, musicians… they create to inspire. I see no reason to deny them that because I’m too afraid I’m not capable of creating something of my own mind and heart.

After all:

“I’d rather be caught holding up a bank than stealing so much as a two-word phrase from another writer.”

~Jack Smith


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Why I’m not allowed to listen to anything but instrumentals while I’m writing

A very lengthy post title for an exceptionally short blog post.  XD

I wasted a fairly good portion of my day today browsing my extensive list of pagan Facebook groups and pages, mostly for the sake of tooling around and forsaking my purpose in coming to the computer.  Then, I thought “I’ll listen to some music to get myself into the writing mood!”

So I did.  But instead of listening to classical or general instrumentals like I usually do, I thought “God damn, I’m feeling some Green Day and Garbage.”


Five hours later, I’m feeling like writing a no-way-out Bonnie and Clyde piece set in a post-apoc world, where the female is a bitter bitch with a strong sense of self and sexuality.

What.  The.  HELL.  Happened.  There?

I wanted to write about Z!  But… no joke, I’m writing that Bonnie and Clyde thing down.  XD  Ticked off as I am that I broke my flow, I kind of like the idea.

I’m instrumental hunting now.

WiP Word Count: 1908

Days until deadline: 235


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