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It’s been a long time since you’ve seen any fiction from me, and I apologize for that. So, the first in ages. Enjoy.


The silence was sickening. Kadri sat across from Ambassador Andus Ordell, hands cuffed and clasped in her lap, as he paced the floor of his private suite. Lavishly decorated and afforded the chiefest comforts, Kadri had to wonder if Andus had lost touch with reality the day he put on that damn sash. Super-important Ambassador Ordell.

“Let’s have it,” he said, his temper reined in with a simple swipe of his fingers through his dark hair. He was handsome, but Kadri still wanted to punch him.

“I shot him. Adrian had been standing with his arm locked around Talmai’s neck, a knife at his throat. I fired without flinching. Is that what you want to hear?” she asked flatly, the handcuffs restricting her capitulating gesture.

“No!” snapped Andus, his arm flying upward, but he caught himself before he swept everything off of the polished glass coffee table. “I want you to be remorseful! Feel badly, Kadri! You murdered one of your own!”

“I don’t feel bad about it.” Her eyes lifted and met his, firm and cold. “In fact, I don’t feel anything. Adrian was a traitor; if I didn’t shoot him, someone else would have, and probably for reasons that didn’t benefit ‘The Cause.’ You know, ‘clones are humans, too, blah blah blah’ and all that bullshit you’re always spouting? They’d have shot him in cold blood, probably for money, drugs, or information. Not that I’m saying my principles were noble or anything. I’m just saying Adrian was the bad guy and I shot him to save my friend.”

Andus drew a steadying breath and clenched his fists. All Kadri could think about is how she’d choke him to death if he hit her, but he didn’t. His shoulders sagged and he shook his head a bit.

“You exhaust me,” he muttered, and looked her over. “I’m trying to give us a chance. Earth’s fractured governments are coming together and they want to order all clones decommissioned. Euthanized. Do you know how hard it is to change people’s minds?”

“He said he wasn’t a person. Adrian did… about Talmai. He was going to kill him because he’s an alien to us and because I cornered him for information. That was his play. I’m tired of hearing that. Adrian was a clone, same as you and me, and plenty of humans out there say we’re not people, either. I did for Talmai what you’re doing for all us clones, Andus, only you’re using politics and lies and I used a gun. Out there, that’s what it’s like. I’d have done the same for you.” Kadri shifted on the couch, which, like everything in Andus’ suite, was cream-colored. Way too clean.

With a sigh, Andus shook his head. “If it ever comes down to that, I’ll take the knife to throat. Good luck at your trial, Kadri. I’m sorry.” Stepping to the doors, he pressed his palm beside one of them, and it hissed open, letting in a pair of soldiers to take her to her cell.

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NaNoWriMo Poll!

NaNoWriMo approacheth!  I don’t know if I can do a full-fledged NaNo this year, what with school and work, but I’ll give it a shot.  What do you think this year’s NaNoWriMo should be?


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Amity Dawn, GoFundMe, and JaxPPD!

Another progress report, guys.  I know you’re getting sick of them.  I’ll have new content for you soon!  Right now, I’m focusing on getting ready for school, muddling through draft one of Amity Dawn, and fundraising.  It’s been an odd summer; one filled with motivation, support, and love, and it just keeps getting better.

So, let’s start with Amity Dawn.  It’s still a working title, until I can find the one that pops at me.  I’m working through chapter 7 at this point, and getting ready to convert chapters 1-4 into third person perspective.  Kadri is just about to confront the primary villain for the first time, after muddling through lead-up conflicts lackeys for the first six chapters.  I’m excited.  This novel is taking shape slowly, coming to life from the outline I began a year ago this month.  Unfortunately, I put it down for a bit too long, but better late than never, right?  Before long, I hope, I’ll be hunting down beta readers.

As for school, I still need to raise some money to buy my books.  I’m still selling Byzantine chain bracelets for $20 a piece (+$1.50 for shipping within the US).  You can see the details of that in this post.  Alternatively, you can visit my GoFundMe page and check out some of the smaller donation amounts.  They come with neat perks.  =]

Lastly!  I may be sharing a table with another writer friend of mine, J. Meridith Harmon, who has recently released his new novel Snyper: A Matter of Caliberat Jacksonville Pagan Pride Day!  Check it out on Amazon!  Anyway, I’ll be volunteering at PPD regardless, so you should come visit if you’re in the Jacksonville area on Sept 22. =]  If we do get the slot, I’ll be selling bracelets, G&L bookmarks, and possibly prayer beads (if I can settle on a couple of patterns I like, I’m being fickle).  It’s going to be awesome.

See you kids around. <3


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BookTubeAThon and my failure

I began BookTubeaThon on July 15th.  It was a YouTube challenge set by padfootandprongs07 and ArielBisset put forth to drag YouTubers into an awesome readathon.

So, I wrote down my challenges and got to work.  Wouldn’t you know it, work destroyed any time I had to read in a marathon style.  I got through most of American Gods by Neil Gaiman, which is more reading than I’ve done in ages.  I finished it today, two days after the BookTubeAThon deadline  In my defense, I read a second book, short though it was, in the three hours following my triumph over American Gods.

The second book was The Hope Chest, by my friend Jenifer Jennings.  I had promised her I’d read it for AGES and I just suck at life and reading so…. It’s taken me over a year.  I’m a terrible friend.  It’s not something that’s normally up my alley, but I enjoyed it alright.  The collection of stories surrounding the Hope Chest in the novel were poignant and engaging.  I recommend it.

Now that I’m back to reading, I really do need to get more of it done.  I’ve missed it.

For those of you wondering, I will not meet my Camp NaNoWriMo word count goal, but you know what? For once I don’t feel badly about it.  I made great progress in my novel.  It’s something I won’t hate at the end of the event because it was rushed or forced or under-planned.  It’s a piece I have confidence in, and an underlying subject that means a great deal to me.  Despite my word count failure, I’m calling this a win.  Kadri and her crew are coming to life in my Scrivener file, and I can’t wait to have it printed so I can edit it and send it off.

Until next time. <3

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Introducing: Kadri

This is a brief introduction to Kadri’s character from Kestrel.  I’ve been doing a lot of work with her and her story lately, and it’s given be some perspective into the flaws of the story line.  I love Kadri, she’s fabulous, though her ability to shut down emotionally unsettles even me.  Enjoy her.

“I shot him. It wasn’t the most rational thing to do, but he was there, and I fired without batting an eye. I still don’t feel bad about it. In fact, I don’t feel anything. Adrian was a traitor; if I didn’t shoot him, someone else would have, and probably for reasons that didn’t benefit “The Cause.” They’d have shot him in cold blood, probably for money, drugs, or information. Not that I’m saying my principles were noble or anything. I’m just saying Adrian was the bad guy—at least he was in my story, and who are you if you aren’t the hero of your own story?

I’m getting a little off track. I shot Adrian once through the left eye as he held a knife to Talmai’s throat. I could have talked him down.

“They’re not ‘people,'” he said. I had heard that so many times it made my stomach churn. Not just because Talmai was an Ularian. I’m a clone. So was Adrian. As far as most humans are concerned, we’re not people either.

So I shot him. Talmai turned out okay, aside from a small cut where the knife had been pressed against his neck.

No one can tell me that we’re not ‘people,’ no matter what kind of ‘person’ we are. Human, Ularian, hyper-efficient enhanced human clone—people are people. But that notion is just the reason I’m here.

After all, if you’re not the hero of your own story, who the hell is?”

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Kestrel, Flash Fics, and Other Nonsense


Recently, I’ve been consumed by writing and the progress I’m attempting to make in my own little writing world.  For instance, I bought a large white board, a small white board, a cork board, index cards, a new printer/scanner, a new flash drive, eight notebooks, pens, highlighters, dry erase markers, and a folder.  (Did I mention that I’m in love with “back-to-school” time?  It gets a little out of hand.)

I hung my cork board, plotted nine scenes in Kestrel (even the first two that needed reworking), hung those index cards on the cork board, and then… stared at them.

My next step?  I clearly hadn’t plotted far enough and I didn’t have any desk calendar paper left!  Tragedy. So I bought that white board.  Hung it.  Inside of ten minutes it looked like this:

Cell phone photos make me cry inside. I should get a camera.

Naturally I had to transfer all of that into my Scrivener document.  So I did.   Then?  I decided I loved a side character more than I should have, and needed to give her her own short story.  (I call it  character research because I needed to “get to know her.”  It’s mostly just self-indulgence.)  So I plotted that.  And that spurred me on to other character-exploration nonsense, so now I have a flash fiction to write that explores the exile-practices of Ularis.


I also got business card magnets, business cards, and a mug….  I’m making progress AROUND my writing, it seems, but not so much on the ACTUAL writing.

I’m trying!  August is going to be here soon, and I expect all you Camp NaNoWriMo participants to get moving on writing with me!  We’ll encourage each other!  No more excuses in the guise of progress! WE ARE WRITERS!

In short?  Write with me!  I may even create a G&L chat room to facilitate our writerly commiseration.  We shall see.  If there’s any interest in that, let me know. <3

Now… back to make-believe-progress.

À bientôt.


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Kadri, Sewing, and Sundries

A little overview of a new project (probably poorly presented, since I’m freaking exhausted right now), crafts, and possibilities.

There WILL be a Writing Life post on Friday!  I promise I’ll get better at this update thing.  For the last 2 months, I’ve been working six days a week, then I got sick and injured last week.  I just can’t seem to budget my time well, but I’m trying to improve. <3  I hope you all still love me.


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April Approaches!

With the G&L 2nd Anniversary on the horizon, I’d like to announce that, along with the anniversary writing contest, my blog will be sustaining an overhaul.  I still haven’t decided whether or not I will change the layout, but there will definitely be a new post schedule!  And my plan for the 22nd?  GogglesandLace.Wordpress.com will (hopefully) just be GogglesandLace.com!  Excitement!

I’m still calling for submissions, everyone, so don’t forget to send me a short story for the promo contest!  Read more about it!

Also, if you feel up to it, I’ll be Livestreaming progress on the new series due out sometime in April tonight.  8pm EST at www.livestream.com/kitwrites, keep me company!  Ask questions!  Better yet, suggest a title!  Haha.  Looking forward to chatting with all of you!


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