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NaNoWriMo Poll!

NaNoWriMo approacheth!  I don’t know if I can do a full-fledged NaNo this year, what with school and work, but I’ll give it a shot.  What do you think this year’s NaNoWriMo should be?



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I regret to inform you all…

The contest did not receive enough submissions, even with the extended deadline.  I have a few submissions, but I have yet to decide how to handle them.  So, I’m going to talk to the authors over the next day or two and see where they stand.  I really would have liked to have made this fun little publicity project happen, but maybe it just wasn’t G&L’s time.  Maybe for another event….

In other news, I recently sent my pitch for Resurrection Man to Ruby Lioness Press, and my first few chapters and synopsis were requested.  I sent them off last week and I’m waiting (very impatiently and excitedly) to hear back.  Wish me luck.  =]  In the unlikely event that Resurrection Man gets published, there will be an epic post of unintelligible hysteria to follow. <3

In the meantime, I continue to work in food service and as an AVON representative (see the widget in the sidebar *SHAMELSSPLUG*) to fuel my writing career.  O, how we struggle for our art, ladies and gentlemen.

I love you all, and I’ll soon have a new post schedule up for G&L for this summer.  Probably by Sunday.  In the meantime, please respond to the following poll.  Your input is vital to the future and growth of Goggles & Lace!

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Announcement & Call for Opinions

Salut!  I’m here for advice this time around instead of being the one to give it.  It’s a nice change of pace when I’m not pretending I know absolutely everything, right?  I feel like maybe this will make me more personable.  =P

No, but seriously.  G&L’s 2 year anniversary is coming up on April 22, and I want to put this out in ample time.  What do you think G&L should do for its 2 year anniversary?  I’m a little torn and kind of frazzled about the whole ordeal.

So, tell me, what should I do to celebrate?  The three best responses will be put into a poll on Febuary 14 (yeah, yeah, Valentine’s Day, I know.  But because I’m a barren old spinster, I’m not observing it) and everyone will be able to take a vote.

So, then, what should G&L do to celebrate two great years on the web?  Don’t be shy!  I love suggestions!


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G&L: A Survey.

If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, or concerns, please leave a comment, or contact me via any of the methods listed on my contact page!  Your feedback is always welcome–in fact, it’s critical.


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