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The Finish-Your-Failure-a-Thon Club

Welp, Wrimos!  I’ve started the thread for The Finish-Your-Failure-a-Thon!  The NaNo forums have rolled over, so we have a whole year to get to know each other, and 29 more days to pick a failure!

Join me in the NaNo forums at The Finish-Your-Failure-a-Thon Club thread!

I’m reworking Glass Dragons, a Camp NaNo failure from July 2011 that only amassed 22.6k words.

What’s your NaNo plan?  Are you rebelling?  Starting something new?  Give me the word!


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NaNo is Coming!

In light of my previous poll, I’ve decided to rewrite and continue my failed Camp NaNo novel from 2011, Glass Dragons.  It was the very first novel I began in my Cloneverse (which now consists of several stories) and a 50-page companion book (which is not even faintly close to finished).  The story follows Ethaniel, the first successful genetically-enhanced human clone in this particular project, and his adventures with Niran, an Ularian king of the Kirit criminal underground.

Naturally, I’m super excited!  I know that the spirit of NaNo is to start something new, but I have issues finishing things. NaNo is no challenge, but finishing something completely will be!  Glass Dragons is a fun concept that I don’t want to rot away, unfinished.

So, in light of that, I have a challenge. For everyone who loves NaNo but never finishes beyond the 50k, I challenge you to pick your favorite unfinished NaNo project to date and finish it this November!  Rework the outline, untangle your plot-knots, and pull yourself out of that corner! This NaNoWriMo on Goggles & Lace, it’s a Finish-Your-Novel-a-thon! When the forums reset, I’ll create a thread for us to chat about it!

Okay, folks, think about it! =]

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NaNoWriMo Approacheth!

I’ve been on the 6-day work week for awhile now, and I’m sad to say that my writing has taken a backseat to making a living (which isn’t panning out much, either, really).  Every year I try to make time for writing during NaNoWriMo, and my 5-year-run, with 2 wins and 3 losses, has been a fixture in my creative life.  You all have been with me on that journey for the last two years, and I’ve adored every minute of feedback and commiseration I’ve shared with all of you.

That sounded oddly like a farewell, didn’t it?  Well, it’s not.  NaNo is around the corner, and I’m world building like the universe is about to come to a crashing halt and my ideas are the only thing between us and utter extinction.  I have two whiteboards that are being filled over and over, recorded into notebooks, and transcribed into Scrivener files.  Characters who need fleshing out.  Locations that need to be detailed.

It’s a lot to do in a short amount of time, but you know what?  I always feel so… in my element when I’m plotting for NaNo.  Even now, coming off of another lengthy dry spell, I’m doing much better plotting for NaNo than I have for anything else in the last few months.

I just wanted to send out a reminder that I’m still alive and NaNo is coming, so if you haven’t started plotting– GET ON THAT!  Woo!

Damn it’s good to be home! <3  I’ll race you all to the start of 50k!


October 22, 2012 · 10:58 PM