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Prompt: Funeral Pyre

Describe a funeral pyre:

  • Who is it?
  • Emotive response?

This is vague, but here’s your prompt. =P


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Burnt Offerings: a response

So, I’m now a registered author on Goodreads.com! Yay!  Anyone who has read Something Peculiar now has the opportunity to add it to their book lists, rate, and review!  Celebrations!

Yesterday, I posted the writing prompt for Friday entitled Burnt Offerings.  Since Inkwell meets every Friday night, I decided to toss it at the other Inkwellers.  So, we wrote awhile, and this is what I came up with; unedited and unabridged.


The corners of the photo curled at the edges, the image bubbling and distorting the cherubic face pouting at the camera.  The sepia tones burned black as the infant’s face was obscured, burnt black by the flames.  Elizabet kicked a stray piece of wood at the fire, embers and ashes exploding upward and dying as they fell.  She drew the back of her hand across her tear-streaked face, leaving tracks of soot over her cheeks.  The photograph gone, she dropped a lace bonnet into the fire.

“What do you feel this will accomplish?”  Avery’s voice jolted her back to some semblance of lucidity.  “She was my child, too, Liz.”

Elizabeth whirled around, rising and turning in one fluid motion.  Her eyes lit on Avery, leaning on her infant daughter’s open casket.  Without a second’s hesitation, her hand flew, striking him full in the face.

It was the resounding crack more than the impact that stunned him, his cheek flowering a brilliant red.  “You’ll be sent off if the guests see you like this,” he snapped.  “You aren’t the only mother to mourn a child.”  Avery, her husband and her love turned cold since the death of their child, left Elizabeth alone with the casket.

She sank to her knees with a sob and resumed dropping tiny Christening clothes into the fire, piece by piece.


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Writing Prompt: Burnt Offerings

Image © Fernando X. Sanchez

This can be a fiction or nonfiction exercise.  I want you to think of someone burning parts of their past; objects, memories, etc.  Why are they burning those things?  If you’re pulling from your life, what have you burned deliberately, literally or figuratively, and why?

Don’t forget to share the result of the exercise in a link in the comments!  I’d love to see what this yields.


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Ossuarium ~ Synopsis



Deep beneath the crust of Anamcara lies a catacomb of intrigue and wonder, tickling the morbid curiosities of the dark pillar-city’s citizens. Mutilation or art? Pain or pleasure? They will pull you in by all your senses, and leave you begging for more, pining for answers….

Emeline falls prey to the manipulative Compere, the Master of The Ossuarium, a show catering to the horrifying, shocking, and bizarre. In her darkest hour, he takes her in and shows her the benefits of this tight-knit group of misfits, and leads her into a life shielded from the harsh light of Anamcara’s reality. Here she was sheltered; here he could keep her safe.

But what happens when the favor of the Compere turns to brutal obsession? Emeline’s fate and the survival of The Ossuarium are hostages of the Master’s twisted desires. Can she bring the freakish performers back to the light of day before he destroys them all?


Chapter 1

Chapter 2


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