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Today We Are Four

It’s been awhile. How are your writing endeavors treating you? I hope everyone is still working hard at whatever they’re doing now. Goggles & Lace turned 4 yesterday! It’s been a weird road, but I have to say that, even through the sparse times, this blog has been one of my favorite projects. I haven’t been able to make good on promises of consistency, and it bothers me. I just wanted you all to know how grateful I am for your dedication as readers and friends.

Since I’ve moved to Florida, I feel as though my life has been one long, unhappy transition to an unknown end that’s nowhere in sight. I lost perspective on who I am, my writing has suffered, and I’ve neglected G&L. I suppose it just makes me my own worst enemy, but I’m looking to become an ambitious, organized human being who is responsible for her own future. It’s a long time coming, folks.

In the next few weeks, I will be overhauling G&l and implementing a once a week post schedule, subject to expand as (read: if) I find the time. Right now, I’m currently balancing college, work, and family, and I believe the lesson it’s taught me is that I can’t skate by forever. Southern New Hampshire University id currently the home to my academic adventures in creative writing. I’ve never been an A student, so this is new for me. Also, weirdly satisfying.

Being a student has given me new perspective and drive. I’ve taken my future into my own hands a bit and posted a “Hire Me” page here and at KitMacConnell.com. I’m offering affordable copy-editing and beta-reading services for fiction of all lengths while I work at obtaining my degree. Check it out if you’d like. My resume is also available in my “About” section on KitMacConnell.com.

I’m still toying with my schedule for G&L, but you’ll know more when I do. I’m excited to be back in the saddle. It’s good to feel like a person again. Your thoughts, comments, and questions are, as always, welcomed and encouraged. <3

I hope you’ll keep reading!


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Amping Up the Gump

Heya, kids!

Over the last few days, I’ve been working hard at moving into a new place and getting some things on track.  But I’m here now, at least for the month, and I’m settled enough to focus on writing.  Which is necessary, since Wrimos with Gumption has that fabulous June deadline, and I’m not looking to drop caffeine and junk food for a solid thirty days if I don’t make it.

That’s why I’m proposing a couple of challenges.  These challenges welcome everyone, of course, but they’re primarily directed at the Gump.  Feel free to join in, though!

Challenge Number 1: Writing Gump-a-thon!  I’ve had a hard time getting my mojo going lately.  With moving and working and anticipating another move in March, life has been too hectic for writing.  NOT ANYMORE.  Today, I challenge you.  From Wednesday, 6 February 2013, at midnight, I shall hold a write-a-thon!  The write-a-thon shall end on 6 March 2013.  I don’t have any rewards to offer right now, except that if you finish the write-a-thon, your blog/website/shop/book/whatever will be in its own featured post on G&L.

The Rules:

1.  Set your own goal and stick to it.  No flip-flopping.  Pick a word count you want to achieve within the month, and make it happen.  In order to qualify for the featured post, the word count goal must be a minimum of 10,000 words.

2.  The write-a-thon starts at midnight on 6 Feb 2013.  Beginning early will disqualify you from receiving your featured post.  **EDIT**  To clarify, you can use a novel you’ve already started!  You just cannot count anything prior to 6 February.  I apologize for the confusion.**

3.  All word counts must be reported by 6 Mar 2013, 11:59:59 PM.  Late reports will disqualify you from receiving your featured post.

If anyone has any ideas for rules or rewards, feel free to pitch them.  And if any non-Gumpers want to be a part of the community, check us out on Facebook: Wrimos with Gumption: A Beyond NaNoWriMo Challenge.

Challenge Number 2:  Freight-Train-of-Gump Edit-a-Thon!  Coming soon!


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Training to Be a Career Author–Writing is More than the Writing (via Kristen Lamb’s Blog)

My writer friends could do with this sage advice. I know it changed my views on my writing methods. Give it a read, you won’t be sorry. =]

Training to Be a Career Author--Writing is More than the Writing Many of you who read this blog desire to be career authors, and kudos to you. It is a fun job and a great time. I used to be in sales. I literally hated my job so much I would throw up on the way to work. Every day I died a little more. This might be shocking, but selling cardboard had little outlet for being creative. I just knew that writing was the life for me. Ah….but how little I really knew. I now have had two successful best-selling books, … Read More

via Kristen Lamb's Blog


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The Hall of Shame- Self Editing Tips 4# (via Write Anything)

A blog I subscribe to, and recommend to any writer, is “Write Anything”. There are always handy tips, exercises, and tidbits that keep me reading. =]

The Hall of Shame- Self Editing Tips 4# The Hall of Writers Shame is littered with procrastination, good intentions, lazy and flabby texts and bad habits. I am sure there is a saying – a guilty secret shared is a guilty secret halved?? In any case, I thought I’d reveal some of my bad habits. You know – those indignant stayers who hide in my toolbox, sneaking into my text and first drafts? These may serve as reminders for you when self editing. (or as fodder to poke fun at me at a later … Read More

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