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Dave Magario’s Tour Dates!

As promised, I have a list of my friend Dave’s tour dates! There’s a pretty good smattering of cities in there, kids, so check to see if yours is listed!

10/22 – The Raven || Pleasant St Worcester, MA || 9pm $5 21+ and $7 18+

10/23 – Goodbye Blue Monday || 1087 Broadway St Boorklyn NY || 8pm Free All Ages

10/24 – Sidewalk Cafe || 94 Avenue A at 6th St NYC ||  8pm $5 All Ages

10/25 – Greece Ridge Mall Hot Topic || 271 Greece Ridge Center Dr. Rochester, NY || 6pm Free All Ages

10/26 – Founders Brewing Company || 235 Grandville Ave SW Grand Rapids, MI || $5 7pm

10/27 – Keweenaw Brewing Company || 408 Shelden Ave Houghton, MI || $5 8pm

10/29 – Rhinos All Ages Club || 331 S Walnut St. Bloomington, IN  ||$5 7pm

11/03 – House Show || Washington, DC || Free All Ages

Check out Dave’s music and website in my previous post: Dave Magario, ON TOUR!

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Dave Magario, ON TOUR!

I return!  But this time I’m putting a hold on my writing updates to offer the spotlight to a fantastic musician and great friend of mine, Dave Magario!

This is the most recent of Dave’s blog posts, announcing his upcoming tour:

A few days after my last post a very short, very great conversation happened…

“Hey Dave, what are you up to next month?”
“Uh…not much. I’ve got a couple shows…”
“Wanna go on tour?”

And just like that, there’s a tour being booked and the ideas start flying. Over the course of the last week and a half I’ve gotten T-shirts, Stickers, CDs, and made a pile of the denim DAM Bracelets I started selling last year. So from October 22 to November 5 I’ll be on tour with Greg McKillop. When it’s mostly confirmed, I’ll post up the cities and dates. See you thursday!

I’ve known Dave awhile now, and it’s been really great to watch him grow musically from our high school choir days to where he is now.  (And the answer is, yes, Dave. I had to bring up high school.  =] )  Seriously, if you haven’t heard his work, check him out, buy his CDs, and look for him on tour.  I’ll have his dates posted as soon as he gets the confirmations!  Subscribe to his blog!

Dave’s Blog:  Dave Magario, Officially

Sample his music and look for show dates on his website.


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