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The Tragedy in Newtown, CT

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, and after many promises of a better schedule and frequent updates, I’ve let you all down again.  I apologize.

Today, though, I want to address the tragedy in Newtown.  Just briefly.  I’m not going to rail on about gun control or health care.  I’m not  going to tell you that it could have been prevented or that, by some cosmic nonsense, there was a reason for this.

It was senseless violence.  Twenty children, ages 6 and 7, and seven courageous and caring educators were gunned down two days ago by a man who had no business being in that elementary school to begin with.  It was a tragedy.

Twenty families will experience the holidays without their little ones.  Twenty families will have unopened gifts on Christmas morning.  A season that should be filled with joy, love, and charity will now be associated with grief and loss for an entire town, and my heart goes out to them.

That was all I really wanted to say.  I haven’t been able to get that shooting out of my head since I found out about it.  Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers through the holiday season.



On the same day, Dec 14, a man in Beijing, China stabbed 22 children and an adult outside of a primary school.  I just heard about this today, and it sickens me.   Please include the families and victims in China in the above request for thoughts and prayers.  Thank you. <3


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