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Brief Update

We’re pretty completely settled into the new place, though I wouldn’t go so far as to say ‘comfortably.’  We spent our first two days without gas or electricity.  People in the middle ages at least had the convenience of FIRE.  It was mind-numbing.

But then we got gas and electricity turned on.  Peachy.

Our water heater is broken.  I took a bath in a pot of hot water.  And yes, I realize that it could be worse, but I’m still disgruntled, so I shall continue to bitch and complain until the cows come home.

No internet until Tuesday.  *sadface*

HOWEVER!  There is a coffeehouse within spitting distance from my front porch.  8D  Weird hours, but it’s non-profit and there’s free wi-fi, so I can get behind it.  =]

I’ll have a few posts ready from my time offline.  Including that one I promised about curse words and their handiness (or inappropriate… ness) in fiction writing.  And my vocabulary exploded and left me slightly retarded.  Bleh.

ALRIGHT.  Wish me luck in getting my water heater fixed!  And internet in a timely fashion… ugh.


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