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More Updates!

G&L is now on Facebook!  That’s right, we have a fan page, kiddos. <3  (Not that I’m shamelessly plugging or anything.)  So, “like” it if you like it.  =P

Also, Jess over at A BA in BS submitted one of her pieces from the May Challenge.  Check out  The Fragrance of Dark Coffee.


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May Challenge Update… and other stuff, too.

Alrighty.  I realize it’s LfBH day, but I’m posting today’s entry tomorrow because I’m a day behind in everything at the moment. Lol.  I apologize.  For today, I just wanted to brief everyone on what I have planned for Goggles & Lace over the next few months.

First of all, I’m hoping to overhaul the entire page.  I hate the layout.  I’m not satisfied with my images.  It looks shoddy, and I need to fix it.  I’m working on that.  No telling how many changes this site is going to go through until then, so bear with me.  =P

Next, I’ve plotted out LfBH all the way to July 18th.  I’m also looking for feedback on that storyline.  Where would you like to see the story go?  Is there a character or pairing you want to see more of?  A certain obstacle you want them to face?  I’m all ears.  I’m writing this one just to keep myself writing when my novel makes me want to beat my head against a wall, so any suggestions are welcome.  =]

Number three?  Plotting a new series to be posted on… a day.  I haven’t decided which one yet.  I’m not sure when installment one will be uploaded, I’m still developing my protagonist and her struggle.  I need to stop writing about women, though. I just feel that there aren’t enough strong, self-sufficient women in fiction that don’t come off as frigid pains in the ass, or wind up “opening up” and finding they can rely on a man.  I like writing female characters who can survive on their own without being bitched up or dumbed down.  So…. this will be another one.

Is anyone else still doing the May Challenge I posted earlier this month?  Since I started, I’ve done a lot more plotting and trying to log my time, but I’ve missed a few days on recording.  I’ve worked myself brain dead with new characters, plots, and twists for my two big projects.  I have pages and pages of character reference sheets (you know, so I don’t forget a character’s eye color or some stupid thing) and lineage garbage for my race of Venduri.   What have you done so far?  Is the challenge helping?

So yes, LfBH will be updated tomorrow with part 9.1.  Spoiler: Fiona.

Hope everyone’s Mother’s Day was lovely. And for those of you with children, I hope your hellspawn treated you fantastically. <3


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Encouragement! – May Challenge

On Saturday, I challenged my readers to take part in a little challenge for the month of May:

Write or plot for a minimum of ten minutes per day from the 1st to the 31st.

The kitchen timer is effective, of course, and I’m sure some people prefer it, but for anyone who wants to up the stakes, I urge you to try Write or Die. It’s a program that lets you input a time limit or word goal, gives you a list of consequences and a ‘grace period.’

How this works: For the time (or word count) allotted, you write continuously, with the option to pause only once. The ‘grace period’ is how long you’re able to go before A) a little box pops up to remind you that you’ve stopped writing, B) a horrible, ear-destroying sound comes out of your speakers, or C) your text begins erasing itself. (Hint: Never pick “Evil” as your consequence!)

Hell of a motivator, am I right?

So, there’s my recommendation. =P Now, I’m off to tweak some fiction for a submission to Weird Tales Magazine! That should take care of today’s 10 minutes (and THEN some)!

Happy writing, kiddos. <3


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A Challenge

Hello, my loves.

If you’re anything like me, you struggle sitting down to write every day.  Whether it’s writer’s block, life getting in the way, work, kids, pets, lethargy, or the dreaded fear, there’s something keeping you from your keyboard.  It’s an awful feeling to know that you want to write. You love to write.  But you’re  just not writing.

I’m here to save the day.  Kind of.

Tomorrow is May 1st, spring is in the air, and for once, the bleak, depressing darkness of winter is peeling away.  The perfect time for a new beginning (and we all need one now and then, that’s for sure).

My proposal?

Sit down and commit yourself to at least ten minutes of writing every single day.  Just ten minutes.  Sit down, set a kitchen timer, and work on one of your current writing projects.  It doesn’t have to be one single project, you can break it up over anything you happen to be working on, even if that means starting a new piece of flash fiction.  This exercise is about progress, passion, and putting forth the effort even when you’re not feeling your best.

If you feel like doing more (or simply just want to make use of available time)? FANTASTIC!  Write as much as you can for as long as you can!  Feed on the creative flow!

The rules?

  • You have to put in a minimum of 10 minutes per day for the entire 31 days of May.  If you have to break it up into five minutes here and five minutes there, go for it!  The point is, you’re getting your ten minutes done!
  • ‘Progress’ doesn’t just mean ‘writing.’  If your novel is in dire need of character sheets and an outline, work it for ten minutes!  If you haven’t started an outline for your novels and just want to brainstorm, try cluster mapping, listing, or just scribbling ideas.  Free-writing your ideas opens you up to a lot of possibilities that might not have been there if you over think it.
  • Don’t limit yourself.  If you have the time and creative flow to work more than ten minutes, keep going.  What’s stopping you?  Laziness is not allowed for those ten minutes, and getting on a roll can only help your work!

The rules are pretty simple and flexible.  Make this project your project.  It’s no NaNoWriMo, but in that stagnant place between Novembers, it’ll keep you moving.  =P

Optional fun?

  • Create a log of your work.  I plan on writing down what progress I made (even if I missed the 10-minute-mark.  Nobody’s perfect) in each 10-minute interval, and posting a weekly progress report on my blog.  Join me?  =]
  • Recruit friends.  I know it’s short notice, but starting late won’t kill anyone.  And it’s not against the rules.  =P
  • Share bits of what you’ve worked on.  Show us your progress!  Photos of your cluster maps, writing space, hand-scrawled pages! Don’t be shy.  This could also be a fun way to add to your blog. =P
  • Link me to any posts you make about this challenge!  I’d love to showcase your work in my posts if it’s okay by the authors!

Bottom line, just have fun with this!  We write because we love it.  What’s holding you back?


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