The Finish-Your-Failure-a-Thon Club

Welp, Wrimos!  I’ve started the thread for The Finish-Your-Failure-a-Thon!  The NaNo forums have rolled over, so we have a whole year to get to know each other, and 29 more days to pick a failure!

Join me in the NaNo forums at The Finish-Your-Failure-a-Thon Club thread!

I’m reworking Glass Dragons, a Camp NaNo failure from July 2011 that only amassed 22.6k words.

What’s your NaNo plan?  Are you rebelling?  Starting something new?  Give me the word!


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One response to “The Finish-Your-Failure-a-Thon Club

  1. This is truly a great idea, but I couldn’t participate.

    I linger so much on past failed projects that I finally decided recently that I need to put old projects on hold and grab something new; something fresh that requires less work and less research and finally, for once, actually finish it!

    Once I finish my NaNo novel this year, I’ll start looking back again. Until then, I just need something to finish to get some satisfaction and prove to myself I can actually do it at least once.

    I may try something like this next year, though.

    Hope you all do a fantastic job with reviving old failures. I perused the thread and it looked like a lot of people have some diamonds waiting to be dug up out of the muck – you included.

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