Writing and #350words!

Okay, so I’ve been working on getting my writing together.  I’m really prone to creative slumps (otherwise known as laziness and depression), and I’m tired of giving in to it.  I want a writing career.  I want to breathe life into my characters.  I want a finished product for once.

Well, here’s my solution:Image


But seriously, I’ve teamed up with some friends and taken from this piece of Chuck Wendig awesome.  We are going to write 350 words per day, with weekends off, at the very minimum, and complete our works in progress.  We’re going to write as writers should: consistently.

I encourage all of my writer friends to join us!  We’ve got a Twitter hashtag chat going at #350words and we’re ready to be held accountable (and commiserate) for our creativity!

Will you join us?



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8 responses to “Writing and #350words!

  1. That’s awesome! :-) I might have to start following it…. It might just help me to work on my writing as well. :-)

  2. kaedekit

    I don’t have anything to finish at the moment, though I will starting in July…does planning count for this?

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