Introducing: Kadri

This is a brief introduction to Kadri’s character from Kestrel.  I’ve been doing a lot of work with her and her story lately, and it’s given be some perspective into the flaws of the story line.  I love Kadri, she’s fabulous, though her ability to shut down emotionally unsettles even me.  Enjoy her.

“I shot him. It wasn’t the most rational thing to do, but he was there, and I fired without batting an eye. I still don’t feel bad about it. In fact, I don’t feel anything. Adrian was a traitor; if I didn’t shoot him, someone else would have, and probably for reasons that didn’t benefit “The Cause.” They’d have shot him in cold blood, probably for money, drugs, or information. Not that I’m saying my principles were noble or anything. I’m just saying Adrian was the bad guy—at least he was in my story, and who are you if you aren’t the hero of your own story?

I’m getting a little off track. I shot Adrian once through the left eye as he held a knife to Talmai’s throat. I could have talked him down.

“They’re not ‘people,'” he said. I had heard that so many times it made my stomach churn. Not just because Talmai was an Ularian. I’m a clone. So was Adrian. As far as most humans are concerned, we’re not people either.

So I shot him. Talmai turned out okay, aside from a small cut where the knife had been pressed against his neck.

No one can tell me that we’re not ‘people,’ no matter what kind of ‘person’ we are. Human, Ularian, hyper-efficient enhanced human clone—people are people. But that notion is just the reason I’m here.

After all, if you’re not the hero of your own story, who the hell is?”


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