Random Update

No featured blog this week, but I will let you all in on some nonsense.

The blogging tribe idea has gotten a very slow start.  We’re all trying to hold onto our enthusiasm, I think.  My work schedule has included far too many 10-our shifts for my liking, so it’s been hard to really kick things into high gear on my end.  In all straight up honesty, I can’t wait to move back to MA.  Firehouse is draining me of anything that brings me even the faintest bit of joy.

On the up side, I plan to be back in Massachusetts by March.  I’m either taking up bartending or hairdressing, I haven’t decided which, but both look like some measure of fun, even if it’s only to find out I’m terrible at one or both.  I need to keep writing, and that’s been a bit of an issue lately.  I’ve been working at some flash fiction pieces that I’ll share soon, as well as some character creation.  In another realm of things, I’m getting myself situated with making candles and beauty products.  My new shop, The Midnight Magpie, will be open online hopefully within the month.

I know, I’ve got my hands in a lot of different pots right now, but I really need to find some measure of happiness in my life before I go completely insane.

On that note, expect a Flash Fiction piece on Wednesday, featuring a new character.  In fact, the next two weeks will feature brand new characters!    Yay!

Okay, enjoy your Monday.




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3 responses to “Random Update

  1. Erin M

    =[ Sorry to hear work is interfering so much with what you want to be doing, Kit. Hope your new projects can change that a bit. Good luck whether you decide on bartending or hairdressing; they both sound interesting! And excited to hear about your soapmaking and beauty products!

    Hope the move back to MA goes really well!

    • I’ll survive. It’s just a matter of trudging through the unusually-extended rough patch.

      Once I start up my shop, I’ll be posting about it. =] It’s a lot of fun, finding out all of the things that you can make yourself. I never would have guessed on some of them. Mascara, eyelash growth oil, all sorts of fun things. I’m just waiting until an artisty-acquaintance of mine weeds through her winter commission pile so that I can pounce on her and commission a logo and banner. EXCITEMENT.

      I’ve also decided that I love mason jars. Random.

  2. Recent convert to flash fictionWhen I started writing, I was a bit of a snob, going the well-worn route of 3-5K word stories and generally ignoring flash fiction. But recently I’ve been converted to flash fiction. I’m really drawn to its brevity and blunt to-the-pointedness, and I like the fact that I can write a finished story in a few days, as opposed to the several weeks required for a longer story. I’ve come to realize that I really like fiction that says what it has to say, shuts up and moves on (in fact, I prefer people who are that way too). Thanks for exposing me to flashquake–I just sent them a story a few minutes ago.

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