Wrimos with Gumption: A Beyond-NaNo Completion Challenge

So, Maria over at mino wrimos and I have decided to create a beyond-NaNo challenge. We’re challenging all of you to complete this novel, from first draft to polished masterpiece, by May 31, 2013. We want to make use of our Create Space codes this year, and, since most of us have issues finishing things, we think this will be fabulous fun for all of us! (AND we’ll have an excuse to keep chat at Write Write and Write going in the off-season!)

Here are the rules:
1. You must have your novel completed by May 31, 2012 to allow for formatting time in the Create Space process.

2. You have to pick something to give up for 30 days, starting June 1, if you fail! Post that in the Facebook group. You HAVE to decide on something to give up BY MAY 1! No welching out come June 1.

3. You have to post regular updates! Whether it’s daily or weekly, whatever, you have to keep us updated. Those of you with blogs/vlogs, broadcast your progress!

Need ideas on what to give up?  Maybe don’t give up anything!  Give up something you love, something that you tend to waste time with (tumblr, a specific food, video games, television, reading, etc.). Or, if you have nothing to give up, consider pledging to do something you’ve been meaning to, dislike, or should be doing. (Educational reading for 15 minutes a night, exercising 20 minutes every morning, cleaning every day, learning a language, starting yoga, etc.) Don’t be afraid to get creative!

So, who’s in?  8D



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3 responses to “Wrimos with Gumption: A Beyond-NaNo Completion Challenge

  1. Phil N. Schipper

    Definitely in. If I don’t do this I’ll never truly be finished with anything.

  2. Absolutely yes. I just need to find out what I’m writing about. I feel like I need to start fresh for this. Been working on the same old projects for too long. Need a clean slate.

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