Kestrel, Flash Fics, and Other Nonsense


Recently, I’ve been consumed by writing and the progress I’m attempting to make in my own little writing world.  For instance, I bought a large white board, a small white board, a cork board, index cards, a new printer/scanner, a new flash drive, eight notebooks, pens, highlighters, dry erase markers, and a folder.  (Did I mention that I’m in love with “back-to-school” time?  It gets a little out of hand.)

I hung my cork board, plotted nine scenes in Kestrel (even the first two that needed reworking), hung those index cards on the cork board, and then… stared at them.

My next step?  I clearly hadn’t plotted far enough and I didn’t have any desk calendar paper left!  Tragedy. So I bought that white board.  Hung it.  Inside of ten minutes it looked like this:

Cell phone photos make me cry inside. I should get a camera.

Naturally I had to transfer all of that into my Scrivener document.  So I did.   Then?  I decided I loved a side character more than I should have, and needed to give her her own short story.  (I call it  character research because I needed to “get to know her.”  It’s mostly just self-indulgence.)  So I plotted that.  And that spurred me on to other character-exploration nonsense, so now I have a flash fiction to write that explores the exile-practices of Ularis.


I also got business card magnets, business cards, and a mug….  I’m making progress AROUND my writing, it seems, but not so much on the ACTUAL writing.

I’m trying!  August is going to be here soon, and I expect all you Camp NaNoWriMo participants to get moving on writing with me!  We’ll encourage each other!  No more excuses in the guise of progress! WE ARE WRITERS!

In short?  Write with me!  I may even create a G&L chat room to facilitate our writerly commiseration.  We shall see.  If there’s any interest in that, let me know. <3

Now… back to make-believe-progress.

À bientôt.



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2 responses to “Kestrel, Flash Fics, and Other Nonsense

  1. I <3 you wife. You have inspired me to get a whiteboard that I will ONLY use for my writing. Also, I need more of those $0.17 notebooks from Wal Mart, because really, what writer can have too many notebooks?? Thanks for the inspiration, and I look forward to crossing the finish line at the end of August with you :)

    • No joke, back-to-school time is the love of my life. And seriously, I love having a whiteboard for plotting. It’s crazy effective. Then you can just transfer all of your notes into Scrivener or Word, or whatever it is that you use. <3 Love it.

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