New Author Business Cards!

I’m so excited!  I just ordered my first batch of business cards as an author!

And seriously, if you don’t know InkGarden, you should check it out.  I got 50 business card magnets for $2 plus shipping.  (The code is MAGNET2 and its valid until July 31.)  If you need business cards (or like the novelty of business card magnets), then check out InkGarden, and all the awesome things they have there.  Use the link in this post, and you’ll get a coffee mug for a dollar!

Shiny, right? I love it. <3

Anyway, check it out.  =]  Marketing for cheap is the best kind of marketing!



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7 responses to “New Author Business Cards!

  1. >u< I know, these cards are awesome.

  2. Love your blog! You have great ideas, a great voice, and a really engaging style of writing. Keep it up! I would love for you to visit my place: It’s a blog full of stories so wild, they can’t possibly be true. :)

    • I read through your most recent two posts and I’m already hooked. Haha. You’ve definitely got a new subscriber. Thanks so much for reading, and I’m really pleased you enjoy the blog. =]

  3. VERY NICE! :) I love the swirly tree!

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