In Which Kit Procrastinates….

I’ve been working like hell to get all of the ins and outs of Kestrel plotted out.  Then I decided “I’ll make notes as I go.  I’m tired of dawdling.”  Naturally, I got some work done on the story (I’m nearing the end of the first chapter, about 4k in), but I’ve been struggling with the imagery for some of my characters.  The men, mostly.  I’ve got a clear idea in my head of both Kadri and Kizzy, though Thera is still a bit of a mystery.

So, I’ve been playing “cast my novel” with IMDB celebrity lists.  It’s been an all day affair.  I had intended to accomplish something, since I have this new goal where, if I can reach 10k words by next Wednesday, I can buy myself a tablet (which is now possibly the first half of the cost of my passport.  We’ll see).

Yeah, fat chance that’s going to get done.  I’m a horrible person and a lazy writer these last few weeks.

In any case, I thought I would share with all of you, the faces that will be my cast.

So far, Kadri has no actress.  I know what she looks like, and there’s no one I can really liken her to right now.  I’ll update if I find someone.

Kizzy is adorable.  Also no actress.  I’ll update if I locate someone.  Or have her drawn.

Greyson!  Greyson is, against my better judgment, represented by Ian Somerhalder.  He’s gorgeous, and I kind of imagine Greyson to have a gritty attractiveness to him, but overall, he wouldn’t be traditionally handsome.  But Ian Somerhalder is the closest I could get to that fine-featured, gritty look.

Because, really, argue with me that he’s not gritty-hot.

My next male character?  Hunter.  He’s an optimistic mechanic with a dark sense of humor and a charismatic smile.  Who better than Alex Pettyfer?  I’d make his eyes lighter, probably a sea foam green.  All of the clones have really light eyes across the spectrum so that their serial numbers, etched into their irises, are visible.

Oh, you bet. Take it easy, ladies. He’s taken.

“Taken BY…?” you ask?

Talmai.  He’s Ularian.  What is Ularian?  Reptilian humanoids from Ularis who have no male/female gender differentiation.  Every Ularian can father and mother children… who hatch from eggs.   I have the physical whys and hows of it mapped out, but I’m not sure you want to hear about Ularian anatomy.  It’s graphic, and includes the word “intercourse” a lot.  ANYWAY.  Talmai is represented by Jamie Campbell Bower… if he had a fine layer of shimmery scales on most of his body.

Perfectly androgynous. Necessary for his race. He’s not nearly as young as he looks. =P Also, his scales make him shinier.

SO.  There you have it, folks.  The boys of Kestrel.   I need to stop being so picky about my ladies and give them faces.

No. No, I need to write the story.

That’s what needs to happen.

WELL, have fun. *salute*  I’m off to wrap up chapter one and pound the keys into the glorious sunset. <3



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11 responses to “In Which Kit Procrastinates….

  1. xD Bad Kit, procrastinating. And yet you have posted pictures over which I can drool so I forgive you.

  2. I declare that this is not procrastination because it is a good idea and, well, because I’m drooling right alongside Jade :P

  3. Ye Old casting your WiP as a movie. It is a good way to pass the time and envision your characters.

  4. candacesmithauthor

    This is a great author help I’ve applied consistently. You can also find pictures of locations or gadgets you’ll be referring to. Not only does it help ‘write’ the visualization, but especially with characters, you don’t make the mistake of changing eye color and such in later chapters. Another trick is to take a character in a role that closely matches one of yours, and picture them whenever they are performing an action or speaking. As you know what they would say if they were speaking as the character in the movie, the voice mannerisms for each character will be unique. Your dialogue is fresh with different personalities shining through.

    • You know, I’ve never done this until now, and you’re entirely right. It’s helped me in visualizing their actions and facial expressions, and I feel like it’s taken my writing up a notch. Amazing what a concrete appearance can do! I want to try what you mentioned about likening them to a film role, though. I can imagine that really fleshes things out.

      • candacesmithauthor

        It works well for me especially with dialogue… to keep all the voices different. I had a book where my two cowboys were based on Butch Cassidy and Sundance. Not only did it help me keep their looks consistent, it helped me keep the one character’s actions and speech a bit faux intellectual with incredulity, and the other held a bit more of a dry sense of humor with a touch of subtle paranoia. Two completely different mannerisms and speech, but they were both partner cowboys in the same situations… they ended up with completely different, yet blended reactions. Hope this trick is helpful for you!

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