My friend, Jade, gives you a pick me up about your writing. First drafts are meant for editing, so don’t abandon your “thought-to-be-amazing-then-changed-your-silly-mind” masterpiece. =]



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  1. No writer ever got published on the first draft. Of that, I am certain.


  2. candacesmithauthor

    I’ll share something with you, Kit. I wrote 1/2 of Harvesting Rue in the winter of 2010. It was amazing; I was on a roll; I was on a 3 day caffeine induced writing jag to get my thoughts down and couldn’t type fast enough. And then, I crashed. I hit a dead end and walked away to finish a few other books, with the Rue file lurking on my desktop for months. I’m not certain how many times I almost deleted it, angry I had thought it so brilliant, and now… it made no sense. I finally copied it onto a flash drive so I wouldn’t have to stare at it anymore.
    Cleaning up files and clearing space, I came across it again in early 2011. I barely remembered the story, but I had mixed feelings about it and decided to read my ‘once brilliant’ words again. The story reignited. It needed some changes… some rearranging… but my passion was back. I kept with it until it was finished. Harvesting Rue became my number one seller in the Spring of 2011… and still is. It reached number 5 on Amazon’s best selling for it’s genre, and has yet to have a sales ranking of over 25,000.
    Now, the good and bad is that I did not delete it, but it also made me paranoid about deleting anything. It has become a practice to take these fascinating bits of writing jags and recognize the words might have to be tweaked, elements twisted or shifted, and sometimes added to other books, because good as they are, they can not stand alone for a novel.
    I agree with Jade. The words held brilliance at one time… when perhaps your mind was in a different place. The trick is to keep the words, and build a story that puts the reader in that place where the words hold the same passion.
    Love your blog, girl!

    • Thanks for commenting, Candy! I always love hearing from you!

      I’m also glad you shared this, because, in a mess of advice and encouragement, it’s always nice to see someone who’s actually applied the principle and come out on top!

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