How to Survive the First Week of Camp

If you’re a NaNoWriMo fan, you probably know that Camp NaNoWriMo is nearly upon us.  Not sure what I’m talking about?  Well, NaNoWriMo is an event held every November, in which crazy writers like me (and maybe you) endeavor to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.  Camp NaNoWriMo is the same event, only minus the in-person events, forums, and hype.  You could call it NaNo-Lite.

So, Camp.  50k in the 30 days of June (and also August, if you into that kind of thing).

Summer is a busy time for most people.  For students, you’re busy making the most of your summer vacation.  For the rest of us, we still have to work to pay the bills, and if we’re lucky enough to get a vacation from that work, we’re spending much needed time with family.  So, the question remains: how do you make it through your first week of Camp?

The answer is “magic.”

No, I’m just kidding.  It’s time management.  1667 words per day is entirely manageable, I promise.  Seriously.   You’re going to be super excited and gung-ho your first week, yeah?  I mean, you’re all flipping out about getting started, aren’t you?

Harness that enthusiasm.  Write what you can, when you can.  As much as you can manage in any free time block you’ve got.  Love your story.  Make it come to life.  Plow through!  Met your daily quota, but still feel like you can write?  WRITE!  Don’t save it for the next day; it’ll give you a nice word count cushion.

Don’t burn yourself out.  If you’re not feeling like writing more after you’ve met quota, don’t push it.  I know this contradicts my last note, but seriously.  Burn out in week one means failure on day 30.  Make quota, but take it easy.

Don’t procrastinate.  Find the balance!  If you could write, but keep putting it off, find someone to war with.  A little competition always lights a fire under me!  Don’t have anyone to war with?  Check your Camp NaNoWriMo Cabinmates.  Cabin silent?  Come over to the WriteWriteandWrite chat!  I’m usually in there, and there are a bunch of fantastic folks who are always willing to war.  We’d love to see you.

Caffeine.  That is all.

Talk your novel up to people you know.  It’ll help you keep up that enthusiasm going into Week 2!

How do you get through the first week of events like Camp NaNoWriMo?  Veterans: have any tips for novices?

The idea for this post is courtesy of Jade Bennett.  Check out her blog!



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8 responses to “How to Survive the First Week of Camp

  1. Caffeine. That is all. XD Brilliant. Very good. I think you covered most everything!

  2. Zen

    I’m not doing Camp NaNo, but I’ve won NaNoWriMo for three years. The key is to write the 1,667 words during the week, and try to get as much words as you can during the weekend, so that in case something happens during the week, you know you can go easy on yourself. =]

    Good luck with the Camp!

  3. Royal

    Don’t forget! There’ll be people in there too!

  4. I am so excited about this! I’m definitely going to bookmark the WriteWrite&Write chat room.

    I think I may participate in both June and August. Maybe. Perhaps. But June for sure. Already have my randomized cabinmates and everything.

    • I’m hoping to do both months, but I’m not sure. I really do need the competition to rekindle my creative flow. If you decide to do both, then I’ll be happy to keep you company. =]

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