New Header! (And layout. Mostly header.)

The amazing Dave Magario was kind enough to create a BRANDY NEW header for G&L!  Isn’t it sexy!?  It is so sexy.  I’m in love with it.

I’ve mentioned Dave to you lot before, if you remember.  I posted about his tour dates and Kickstarter.   The man is multitalented, what can I say?  And now?  He’s venturing into the world of web design.  (Seriously, look at the header again.  It’s sexy.)  If any of you are looking for site work done, Dave is definitely my recommendation.   You can check out his Facebook page and contact him there if you have any questions!

Seriously.  Header.  *point*  It’s so sexy. >_<



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6 responses to “New Header! (And layout. Mostly header.)

  1. I love the new header, and the pretty lacy thing running down the side :).

  2. candacesmithauthor

    Sweet! Lookin’ good, Kit!

  3. jumpingmonkey07

    I love this! It seems to match your personality. Keep up the great work and motivation Kit! <3

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