Welcome to GogglesandLace.com!

That’s right, loves, I finally did it.  No more .wordpress nonsense!  And, as promised, I’ve worked out a new schedule for you.  Behold!

Writing Life  will now take place on Friday.  Every Friday, starting May 25.  I’m working on a backlog of posts to keep G&L going for a few weeks at the very least.  Writing Life   came in second on the poll I ran on May 2, so I will certainly be continuing it with renewed fervor.

Throughout June, I’ll be posting periodic updates and video logs of my progress on June’s Camp NaNoWriMo project.  You are all more than welcome to join me!  I love writing buddies.  Feel free to message me via email or Facebook or other such nonsense (see the Contact tab) and I’ll gladly get back to you!  Note: There’s no specific schedule for these posts.  They’ll come as I manage to write/film them.

New fiction, which scored highest on my blog poll on May 2, is also in the works.  Excerpts of my June novel (titled Muse), flash fiction pieces, and other such nonsense will hopefully come out on a weekly basis.  No set days yet.  Though, if the June novel goes well, I’ll be posting that once a week in short installments, much like I did for Letters from Blackford Hill.

SPEAKING OF WHICH!  Letters from Blackford Hill will no longer be included in the tabs above.  You can access it through the “Fiction” tab, and it will take you to the page I’ve created for it.  I will not be updating LfBH for the foreseeable future.  I do apologize for that.

Along with Goggles & Lace, you can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Tumblr.  Just look to the left, and click on the appropriate icon.  Have any suggestions for G&L?  New content?  A new look?  Message me!  My email is in the Contact tab.  I adore contact from you guys, and I’d really love to hear from you!

Here’s to another fantastic year at G&L, folks!  Thanks for being here!



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2 responses to “Welcome to GogglesandLace.com!

  1. I am excited! Also – uh oh. I think you might have just roped me into doing Camp NaNoWriMo (which I didn’t even know existed.) Oh dear.

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