**Update** Anniversary Anthology Contest News

Salut, loves.  I have some news in several areas today.

  • My sister had a baby.  Yup.  Logan James is here, and super adorable.  The birth wound up being an emergency C-section, but both mama and baby are doing just fine.  Needless to say, since his Easter birth, it’s been crazy busy here.
  • I’ve been sick.  Like, dying sick.  I have a horrible chest cold, allergies, and asthma that are all feeding into each other and trying to kill me.  I’ve yet to recover, but I’m working on it.
  • The news you actually care about:  I did not receive enough submissions to make the anthology happen.  I’m extending the contest until May 1, and if I don’t have enough by then, I’m going to have to call it off.  Don’t be discouraged or afraid to submit to me!  Everyone wins with this arrangement!  Remember, even if you don’t get your story into the anthology, your name and website will still be listed on the index pages!  Share with your writer friends!  I’ll repost the guidelines tonight, and if you have any questions, my email is always open.

Well, back to bed to get better.  Hopefully.  Remember, the anthology submission deadline is now May 1!



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2 responses to “**Update** Anniversary Anthology Contest News

  1. Erin M

    I hope you feel way better soon, Kit!


  2. Congrats on the new addition to the family! :)

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