Don’t forget! G&L is accepting fiction submissions!

Remember, Goggles & Lace’s second anniversary is coming up!  Anyone interested in submitting some short fiction for the anniversary contest: the submission deadline is April 8th!

Please see this post for more detailed information, and don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions!


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6 responses to “Don’t forget! G&L is accepting fiction submissions!

  1. Erin M

    Haven’t forgotten! Still brainstorming ideas. =]

  2. Hrmmm…April…I think could cobble something together for that. Y’know, along with working on “Neath”, and my blog, whatever it’ll be, and getting my old poems sorted and typed into the ‘puter…stuff like that. But it’s Steampunk, so I gotta! ;p

    PS I have a steampunk poem if you wanna read it. :)

  3. Yeah, definitely! If you don’t want to post it here, you can message it to me on FB. Either way. ^^

    Also, Local Authors of NE Florida is a group on FB, and they’re putting together an anthology that includes poetry. If you’re interested, here’s the link:

  4. Oohh, nifty. That’s what I get for not checking back. *g* And nahh, I can put it on here. I think it’s cool enough…although a little dramatic/silly. But that’s good cinematic steampunk, right? *g*

    “The AS “Imp of the Perverse””

    My greatcoat flaps against my knees,
    the wind is stiff so high above,
    I pull my goggles down to see,
    and give the wheel a healthy shove.

    The ship responds, her ailerons
    creaking in the still night air,
    while down below our target steams,
    crew and pilot unaware.

    My men are lined up at the rail,
    their eyes alight with treasures call,
    a scurvy row of pirates, they,
    rogues and knaves and blackguards all.

    Our grappling hooks go whistling down,
    to land in clash and clang of steel,
    the helmsman gives a warning call,
    while down below, alarm bells peal.

    The crew come swarming out like rats,
    and clashing steel soon fills the air,
    but they, poor souls, are overmatched,
    and soon they huddle in despair.

    We take the captain down below,
    and with his key, open the hold,
    a gleaming sight soon fills our eyes,
    of new world spice and Spanish gold.

    Great leathern sacks my men fill up,
    then monkey-like, swarm up the rope.
    Last man up, I glance behind, and laugh
    at the ships name…New Hope.

  5. And yes, the ship is named after the Poe story…I love the name, and it seemed perfect for this crew and ship. ;p

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