Why am I against SOPA/PIPA?

After I posted my “going dark” notice last night, I received a comment on that post stating how surprised that person was that, as I writer, I could support such a protest.  I want to post my response comment here, so you’re all clear on just why I did.

I can see your perspective, and, not only do I empathize, it’s also a very real concern of mine as I’m trying to make it as a writer. It’s not easy, and we don’t need things like internet piracy making it that much more difficult. So, let me state that I do NOT support internet piracy whatsoever, and “piracy is okay” is ABSOLUTELY not the statement I’m trying to get across here.

The Protect IP Act is designed to block that sort of thing, but only through internet providers. Meaning, download sites will still be available through their IP addresses, which aren’t very difficult to find. It also gives license to companies to sue websites they “feel” aren’t doing their censoring well enough, leading to websites/businesses/and free content to be shut down. One misplaced keyword, and sites that host web comics, free fiction, or free art can be blocked and removed. That would bankrupt dozens of artists and writers just within my own circle. A lot of the content that I support (comics, for instance) are free to access, but they make their money in merchandise and advertising–if they lose their websites, their funding is cut off.

Another thing PIPA allows is the license for government and corporations to fiddle with the registries of the internet itself (domain names and security features), which compromises security on the sites you may be registered to. Most of my advertising and plugging are done through Facebook and Twitter, and that’s really not a comfort to me at all.

Wikipedia would be a huge target. One of the web’s most popular resources for making people smarter is definitely something that I feel needs to stick around. =P

I hope this clarifies things a bit. I really don’t want people to think that, by supporting the blackout, I’m in favor of piracy and illegal downloading. I respect writers and artists and their varying means of obtaining income and building their careers. I just feel that the SOPA/PIPA situation is not the proper way to go about things. I didn’t mean any offense by it.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to comment or email me at gogglesandlace-at-gmail.com.




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5 responses to “Why am I against SOPA/PIPA?

  1. DAMN STRAIGHT, KITTY, DAMN STRAIGHT. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. Not offended… frustrated. The bill, like most, goes too far. Right now we have no protection against the torrent sites, and the only way to find the guilty up and downloaders is through IP addresses, which they unfortunately change or close after they steal the material. Trying to enforce a copyright against a ghost is laughable. If you look at this as a tangible store (which, I know, it isn’t) and they received stolen goods and sold them (and these torrent sites get paid by advertisers because of the traffic for the content they give away) the store would be prosecuted.
    So no, the law as it stands is not what it should be… but, it’s also the only protection we’ve been offered. It’s taken years. Any guesses how long it would be before they addressed it again if/when it fails?
    You know I think your site is invaluable and informative and I’ve watched how it’s grown, so I don’t mean to be the odd man out here… it’s just that I’ve experienced such a financial blow with piracy.
    I appreciate you letting me voice my opinion, because frankly, I’ve been afraid to mention my point of view on other sites and be bashed for it. You know how sensitive I am (tongue in cheek!)

    • You are always more than welcome to voice your opinion. I really do share your concerns, and I’m sorry it’s happened to you. And for such a ridiculously large number of books, too! =/

      As of December 8th, the OPEN Act was being drafted, and I’m hoping to take this as a sign that those trying to stop online piracy are really evolving their ideas and solutions. Again, it’s not perfect, but it’s several steps above SOPA/PIPA.

      I’m just in the process of fully researching this, by the way, so don’t take me word for word there. Here’s a Wikipedia link about the OPEN Act: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_Protection_and_Enforcement_of_Digital_Trade_Act

      And yes, I am so afraid of offending your delicate sensibilities, Candy. =P <3 I miss our talks, by the way!

  3. Heather

    The government getting their big, greedy paws on legislative control like that is not going to stop pirating, and end up punishing the rest of us who are trying to make an honest living with our Arts.

    The thing that worried me most about SOPA/PIPA was, say you give the Gov. that control… Then what’s to stop them from deciding YOUR work isn’t *fit* or *appropriate* for the public??

    • That last bit is a good point, too, Heather. The way they’re angling things with that bill, and others like it, it’s a very real and scary possibility. Especially for those who write/create more risque or socially/politically-minded work.

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