Temporary Hiatus: Complete

I’ll have an LfBH post up this week sometime, and then it’ll be back to Mondays.  Writing Life this week is on schedule.

Camp NaNoWriMo sharpened my story planning skills, even if I didn’t make 50k either month.  I’ve had some serious trouble with my left wrist, so hopefully I’ll have a brace by November so I can get my crazy writing on officially.

I’m also taking the plunge into learning the Dvorak keyboard system, in the hopes it’ll help my wrist pain a bit.  Also kind of for fun, since I’m a huge dork with too much time on my hands.

So, see you all this week with LfBH and Writing Life!  <3



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4 responses to “Temporary Hiatus: Complete

  1. Erin M

    Oh no, Kit, I’m so sorry to hear about your wrist! I hope you find something that helps.

    . . . And I’m glad you’re back! =]


  2. I know the feeling my dear. Between piano, guitar, accordion, computers, cellphones, and subway…My wrists are pretty much ready to mutiny. So, you know… Don’t be shocked if you hear I’ve been mysteriously strangled to death in my sleep.

    Keep taking care of yourself though. You should look into voice recognition software and transcription software. Then you can edit the transcript of your spoken story-ramblings etc and save some time. ? Just a thought.

    yawn/stretch. [-_-]zzzzz

    • x_x I hope I don’t hear that. I’d have to con my own wrists to cooperate and hunt yours down for some street justice!

      I probably will wind up doing that. I need a mic, and I’ll be shopping around for something along those lines in the near future.

      Someday, Dave. Someday we’ll be able to master pain in power through! Maybe.

      I hope the music is going well, cuppity-cake. You know I love it!

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