In the Spirit of Summer

Here’s a list of starters and prompts.  I want you guys to have fun with this one.  Lazy July days are necessary. <3

  • Write about your dream vacation. If you could go anywhere or do anything this summer, what would you do?
  • I was lounging on a beach on Maui when suddenly…
  • The last thing you expect to find in a swimming pool is…
  • Most kids set up a lemonade stand to make some money, but not us. We decided to…
  • This is going to be the last summer when I…
  • One thing I wish I’d done differently last summer is…
  • The minute the fireworks started going off, I…
  • Write a story about people from a land of perpetual summer visiting people from a land of perpetual winter, or vice versa.

Thanks to The Writing For Children Resource Site for these prompts!



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8 responses to “In the Spirit of Summer

  1. Oooh, good ones – I may just use a couple one of these days :D. I like the last writing prompt especially – very seelie and unseelie ^_^.

  2. What a nice break for writer’s block. My pirates are driving me crazy! lol, Candy!

  3. Love your blog! Glad I found you.

  4. Ha, I love the first one. I’m going to have to try it.

    I would go to Europe by the way, post all the riots that are currently going on, however.

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