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In the Spirit of Summer

Here’s a list of starters and prompts.  I want you guys to have fun with this one.  Lazy July days are necessary. <3

  • Write about your dream vacation. If you could go anywhere or do anything this summer, what would you do?
  • I was lounging on a beach on Maui when suddenly…
  • The last thing you expect to find in a swimming pool is…
  • Most kids set up a lemonade stand to make some money, but not us. We decided to…
  • This is going to be the last summer when I…
  • One thing I wish I’d done differently last summer is…
  • The minute the fireworks started going off, I…
  • Write a story about people from a land of perpetual summer visiting people from a land of perpetual winter, or vice versa.

Thanks to The Writing For Children Resource Site for these prompts!



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Writing Life: On Muses and Writing

Salut, all!  Today’s Writing Life post comes from my fellow writer-friend, Jessi, over at A BA in BS.  We’ve been through a lot together, me and this chick!  We’ve been friends for 13 years, created, hosted, and nurtured a writing group together, and even served as Municipal Liaisons in Massachusetts for NaNoWriMo 2010!  So, enjoy!


Inspiration. The ever illusive and always floating around us phantom that seems to slip through our fingers whenever we’re searching for it in earnest. I’m not sure about you, but my muse is a bit of a nudge. She shows herself when she feels it’s appropriate and no other time. I’ve tried coaxing her out. Leave some cookies and a mug of coffee by her door and hope she’ll want to play. I even made the cookies myself… No dice. ‘Fine. I’ll write this without her’, I convince myself and crack my knuckles to sit back and write.

It was a dark and stereotypical night when our hero found himself caught in a rain storm

“Really?” I sigh, delete and try again for the perfect first set of sentences. The truth of the matter is however, it’s not happening. Whether it’s a lack of inspiration or the lack of perfect, non-cliched writing ; the truth is, no quality writing is happening. So what do you or I do in that case?

Take a break

Maybe you’ve been starring at the computer screen for just about as long as you can remember. The hours have ticked by and your poor eyes are weary, dry and less than welcoming to the bright white of the empty page of text. Time to get up. Let the dog out, get a fresh cup of coffee, or go outside to smoke a cigarette. Whatever it is that you do to take your mind and eyes off the computer screen for a five minute break, do it. Sometimes all it takes is a momentary change of environment.

Try a writing exercise

It sounds silly. You’re working on your masterpiece, why would you stray from that? Well for starters, it may give you a new perspective on your hero/heroines current predicament. Also it could give you a new idea for a setting or character design. The point is to get your mind working on something else, and potentially, allowing it to then tangent back to your original, with something completely unexpected in tow.


Ok. I’ll admit. This sounds a little stereotypical but at the same time, stop and give it a thought. How is your character reacting in the scene you’re imagining. Is it high stress? Are they about to valiantly save the love of their life? Are they relaxing by a stream? Where are they located?

Having some sort of soundtrack to your writing can save you in more than one instance. Sometimes listening to your characters theme song (assuming they have one) can trigger memories that you haven’t yet created for them, giving them purpose for being in the scene. Give it a shot, worse comes to worse, it doesn’t work and you’re still here.

Your inspiration comes from…

So where does your inspiration come from? Did you get the idea for the novel through a conversation? A walk in the park? Or did it pop up and become a pile of notes at a coffee shop, scribbled all over napkins? It may sound simple, but revisit that moment. Have a conversation with someone that understands the writing process and it’s inherent quirks. We all have writer friends that see how our brains work even if they don’t quite see through all our gauzy thought processes. Try to relive that moment, or go back through those piles of notes, seeing if something comes back to you, or even spurs on your muse.

So your muse is back or at least on speaking terms with you. Huzzah! The point however, of all of this is to try to gather on the inspiring moments in your life. Try something different and see what happens. I’ve always been a fan of writing to write, even when you’re in the middle of a project. Sometimes those bits of tangent lead you in a direction you never imagined and bring you to brand new conclusions. Even if it’s something you don’t want to use, you’re thinking and bringing your storyline forward.

And then again… there’s always the backspace and delete keys. Nothing is forever, and you can change it all as much as you want. You are all my biggest inspiration. You who keep writing, even knowing that this may all lead to nothing.

Keep it up and tell your muse to stop being such a pain in the tush.


Jessica is a tenacious, twenty something with big dreams of becoming a published novelist. She enjoys sitting in between the stacks at libraries, pulling inspiration from texts there in. She is a Municipal Liason for National Novel Writing Month (Worcester, MA) and the co-founder of Inkwell Imaginings, a writing group settled in Southbridge,MA at the Jacob Edwards Library.  Visit A BA in BS.

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Create an Alien!

Late, but here’s Friday’s writing prompt!  Courtesy io9.

Create an Alien: Whether you create something that’s humanoid or the size of an amoeba, designing an alien can be a lot of fun and help spark a few story ideas. There are a number of different methods that you can work with to add a bit of chance to the results. One approach you could take would be to write several types of adjectives on small pieces of paper. Toss them in a shoebox and then randomly pull out a string of descriptions. Another method would be to pick an environment, like a Martian desert, and design an alien based on how they’d survive within it. If your goal is to create an alien for a dark fiction setting, you could try creating a cute alien first and then twisting it into something predatory. After you have your creation in hand, you can then explore several different options to flesh out your alien. You could determine how they reproduce, if there are any other types of aliens within that species, what type of pets they might have or food they might eat, etc.

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Update from Hell!

I know, I know, I’m awful this month.  Camp NaNoWriMo has completely consumed my soul.  Though, I have to say, it’s  coming into the end of week 2, and I’m still hopelessly in love with my story.  <3

Good news, though!  Next Wednesday, G&L is hosting a bitchin’ guest post by Jessi from A BA in BA!  And it’s going to be spiffy.  Writing Life is happy to have her, so get psyched, people!

Tomorrow is writing exercise day, and I have one planned, so you won’t be entirely without posts this month.  =]

Love you all!  Iamsofreakintired. ._.;


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Zombie Apocalypse!

FIRST! I have big news!  G&L was chosen as an “Editors’ Pick” on!  Super exciting!

I’m super excited!!  <3

But, now, onto the writing prompt for today, which I borrowed from Build Creative Writing Ideas.  I’m not a huge fan of zombie apocalypse stuff, but since I evacuated and destroyed Earth last week… I figured I might as well. =P  Have fun!

 The zombie apocalypse has begun! Several people you know have already become zombies and now it’s a game of survival. What do you do to make sure that you are one of the people left at the end of the movie?


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5 Essential Actions to Take Before You Write Your Novel (via kristin nador writes anywhere)

Wednesdays are “Writing Life” day, I know, but Kristen Nador’s post on the 5 Essential Actions to Take Before You Write Your Novel is a MUST READ. No joke. I love you guys, and I want you to succeed and love what you do. So, while this isn’t my own original post… it’s advice you all deserve. <3

I really hope you enjoy it, and subscribe to Kristin Nador’s blog!

5 Essential Actions to Take Before You Write Your Novel Last week I attended the monthly meeting of my local writers group. I love being around writers who are serious about writing and improving their skills. Experienced professionals and those working to get there, all there to mix and mingle and encourage one another. There’s that faint singed smell of creative combustion in the air. Each month the group hosts different speakers who share their expertise. Some subjects covered since I started atten … Read More

via kristin nador writes anywhere


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Happy Independence Day – and other less pleasant things

Okay, so a quick, belated “Happy Independence Day” to my American readers. <3   Explosives and excessive amounts of alcohol are the American way.

A brief update on the e-book.  Calibre and I are not getting along.  I’m reformatting everything, and making it into a PDF with Scrivener.  Is that okay with everyone?  Does anyone need a different format?  I’ll do my best to accommodate, but you HAVE to let me know what you need.  I’m not psychic (though that would be pretty freakin’ cool).

AND WHAT IS THIS CASEY ANTHONY GARBAGE!?  I am so seething mad, I can’t even tell you….  So, a neglectful, soulless, lying bitch goes free and an innocent little girl gets no justice.  I’m so disgusted with the verdict of this trial, it’s maddening.  She may get four years with possible time served for lying to investigators.  What the hell do they think she lied for?

I’m not going to go on a rant here.  I just needed to vent a little of my anger.

BUT. I hope you all enjoyed your Independence Day.  I’ll be posting a Writing Life installment tomorrow. <3  For all of you taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo, happy writing!  Good luck!


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Operation: Evac Earth

Your family, friends, and life might be a lot different…if they were in space! Imagine that everything you knew was transported to a traveling space ship or space station. How would your day to day life change?  What led up to the move to space?

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