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Backed into a Corner

So, I have a slightly embarrassing confession.  I’ve written myself into a plot tangle with Letters from Blackford Hill….  The way I outlined didn’t leave much room to flesh out the characters and scenarios that I want to flesh out, and I feel that if I leave it the way it is, it’s going to take away from the overall story.  Instead of plowing through it blindly, and risking (more) plot holes, I’ve given myself a solution.

Letters from Blackford Hill will be on hiatus through the month of July.

I sincerely apologize to all my spiffy readers.  With Camp NaNoWriMo on the horizon, and an LfBH  hiatus, it will give me plenty of time to give the storyline the attention it deserves.  ALSO, if you want to voice your opinions on where the storyline should go, July would be the time to do so.  I’ll take suggestions into account, and see if I can implement them into the story.  =]  Don’t be shy.

I won’t leave you with nothing to read from G&L!  Once Camp NaNo gets going, I’ll have a link posted to the spiffy new Glass Dragons website.  My Camp NaNo novel will be posted there, bit by bit, probably once or twice a week.

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