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Scrivener for Windows

So, I’m using the beta trial of Scrivener for Windows to set up Glass Dragons, my Camp NaNoWriMo project.  I’ve only had it a couple of days, and I think that it’s going to expire tomorrow (and that’s probably going to kill me), but HOLY COW, HOW did I get along without this software?  It’s so organized and streamlined.  I love it.  I have my character sheets, my setting sketches, my researched webpages, my basic outline, EVERYTHING, all neat and tidy in these folders, under documents.

It has a full screen mode to eliminate distractions!

*Deep breath.*

Okay, I’ve always been against using software as a crutch, but I’m a scatterbrained person.  I’ve tried yWriter and Storybook, but nothing compares to Scrivener.  If you’re working on a long project that requires a lot of organization (and too much crap to remember), this software is invaluable.

Wholly recommended.  Check out Scrivener for Windows!



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