Little Update

Salut, kids!  I know today is LfBH day, but I’ve been a bit busy.  Camp NaNoWriMo starts in three days, and I’ve been working hard on my project.  It’s currently untitled, but it’s going to be big, much bigger than I’ve written in the past.  In fact, it might even take up the entire two months of Camp NaNoWriMo.  So, here’s a list of what’s going to happen at G&L over the course of July and August:

  • Letters from Blackford Hill and Talion will be bi-weekly, with LfBH posting on July 4th and 18th and August 1st, 15th and 29th, and Talion posting July 9th and 23rd and August 6th and 20th.
  • Wednesdays will still be highlighting Writing Life, probably surrounding Camp NaNo.  We’ll see.  I may bump it to bi-weekly as well, if my project turns into too much to handle.
  • I’ll still be posting writing prompts on Fridays for everyone who isn’t taking part in Camp NaNo.

So, there you have it. <3  LfBH will be late this week.  I’ll post it tomorrow.  If you have any questions, feel free to visit my Contact page and send them my way.

Anyone else taking part in NaNoWriMo’s first-ever summer event?



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6 responses to “Little Update

  1. Erin M

    Good luck with Camp NaNo! Hope you have a great time writing! =D

  2. Wait, wait, how does one join Camp NaNo?! I can only find the general info on it!!! Help, I love NaNo!

    • It hasn’t opened it. The site launches on July 1st, and if you’re on the NaNoWriMo mother site, I think your user name and password will work for the Camp NaNo site. =] If you like, as soon as the site goes up, I can send you the link on Facebook.

  3. Congrats on being featured on Bloggers!
    You have wonderful blog here.
    Great job!
    Anyway, why you not running your blog on your own domain name, not under
    You can buy a domain name and use WordPress domain mapping, you you will have blog on your own domain name and still using as your back-end. :)

    • Wow, that’s a surprise and a half to wake up to! =D
      Thank you so much for visiting. I honestly haven’t gotten around to buying the name outright, but I’ve been taking blogging a bit more seriously the last few months, so it’s on the agenda. =]

      Thanks so much for the comment! =] <3

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