Supernatural Activity

It’s Friday!  You know what that means, kids!  A fresh and shiny writing prompt for the week. <3

Ready?  Good.  I want you to imagine you’re a paranormal investigator, and you’re in a haunted location of your choice (do a Google search if you want a real place, or just make one up!) investigating any paranormal activity that’s been reported there.  You’re welcome to include any “ghost hunting technology” you know of, or just wing it old school, tape-recorder-and-a-Polaroid-camera style. <3  Here, I’ll give you a few minutes to go on imagining that.

… Done?  Good.  Now, I want you to write a piece of fiction from your perspective, or the perspective of a character who’s ghost hunting.  Fun, right?  Yes, I know.




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4 responses to “Supernatural Activity

  1. Erin M

    Fun prompt, Kit!

    Why do I see this involving either Bill Murray or Bill Pullman?


    I kind of want to watch Ghostbusters or Casper now. Ohhh, childhood. ♥

    Also, at some point in the past couple years I spent a lot of time on the webpages for paranormal research societies. When was that? Urgh, don’t remember. Was it something for a spirit walk at work? Was I researching for the Highwayman?


  2. Unabridged Girl

    This is fun! I’ll have to give it a go, though I don’t know if I’ll post it. It reminds me of all my X-File fan-fiction days. Bahahahah.


  3. Rodolfo Mcmonagle

    i usually dont believe too much in paranormal since i believe that there is always a scientific explanation about something. ..

    Look into our own internet site as well

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