Writing Prompt: Apocalypse

Prypiat Abandoned Doll

Abandoned Doll in Prypiat © kvitlauk

Happy Friday!  Bad news: The world just ended, and you need to write a post-apocalypse editorial.  (I know, deadlines, deadlines.)  Here’s your survival checklist:

  1. Tell me how the world ended.
  2. What should humanity do in the following hours?
  3. What should your citizens avoid?
  4. I’m scared and confused!  Give me the run down and some words of hope!

Okay, go. =]


Flickr Photo © kvitlauk



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10 responses to “Writing Prompt: Apocalypse

  1. Unabridged Girl

    Seriously, Kit? You had to use THAT as your photo? Now I am going to have nightmares. I hate dolls.


    • Lol. I was actually looking for abandoned buildings, and Prypiat came to mind. That was in the results, and I thought “WELL, that’s sufficiently unsettling.” LOL. Sorry for the nightmares. =P I would offer you electronic hugs to sate them, but I’m not sure it would work against half-charred baby dolls.

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  3. Aaaaah, apocalypse… What a cheerful topic :P.

  4. THE PICTURE! It’s totally epic. Love it.
    This challenge should be fun! I’m kind of on a writing-challenge binge right now, so this seems perfect. I’m not the best at writing article-like things, so sorry if my piece ends up looking more like short fiction than an editorial.

    • The pretty lady who commented above you also did a piece of short fiction. =] Whatever gets your flow going is okay by me. The exercises are just guidelines, so have a blast with it! =]

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  7. Erin M

    Such a fun prompt, Kit! . . . but also extremely difficult.

    I finally wrote my version and posted it on my site.

    Aaand, that is a terrifying picture, and I’m not even afraid of dolls. (Poor Kenz! =)


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