What We Can Learn from Contrast

“What can we learn from contrast?  Write a description of something very dark (like a crow) in a very light place (like a field of snow).  Make the dark thing seem innocent and the light thing seem ominous.”

This week’s prompt brought to you by: WritingFix.com’s Random Daily Writing Prompt Generator.



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10 responses to “What We Can Learn from Contrast

  1. I like this prompt too! Thanks Kit :D.

  2. Erin M

    I’ll have to try this prompt. Thanks!

    Also, love the new layout. And your author photo is fabulous! You’re adorable. And I love your haircut. =]

    • I’ve noticed people are enjoying the prompts more than the exercises, so I think I’m going to stick with those from now on. Lol. Have fun with it. ^^

      Thanks. ^_^; I wanted it to look a bit more streamlined and professional. <3 Even though I did enjoy my ugly damask background. XD

  3. I think you should know that your blogging inspires me to work harder on my music “career.” You’ve got slightly more discipline than I do and I try to assimilate that for my own needs and projects. So…you know. Good on ya, mate.

    • From my perspective, you’re working twice as hard as I am, and THAT’S inspiring. I’m really glad my blog helps you out, though. That really means a lot. <3

      How's the music coming along? Looks like you've been super busy.

      • I’ve been recording when the studio space is free. Between studio days, I’ve been trying to promote the DAMcast! “bootleg” series I’m releasing and generally trying to keep my web presence updated and interesting. Mostly I feel scattered and disorganized this last month with no real desire to do anything whatsoever. That makes recording slow to a snail’s pace. I’m fairly certain you work harder than I do by far.

      • Email me over some points you want me to touch on, and I can put up another post to help you out. I have Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday free, so, if you’re interested, whenever you get around to it. =]

  4. :) I like this one, too often we associate dark with bad and light with good, it’s very nice to take a different perspective and switch things up! Thanks for this.

    • I’m glad you like it. As soon as I saw it, I knew you’d all get something out of it. It’s important to exercise a change in one’s own perspective now and again. =] Thanks for stopping by!

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