The First Snowfall

This week’s writing prompt?  Write a piece about the first snowfall of the year.  It can be fiction or non-fiction, 200 words or more, and have  a blast with it.

Also, let me know if you like the more structured writing exercises or the prompts better!



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4 responses to “The First Snowfall

  1. Oh snap! I should use this! Although snowfalls are quite new to me really…

  2. Rebby-chan

    Writing Prompt: Write a piece about the first snowfall of the year. It can be fiction or non-fiction, 200 words or more, and have a blast with it.

    This was written from the POV of an rp character that has kinda invaded my brain over the last little bit… If it seems a bit rushed at the ending, it’s because I didn’t want to bore everyone with the whole backstory when there was no need for it. He’s a bit of the melancholy type, so if I got into it, he would probably never shut up. xP


    Winter had been blowing its warnings for a few weeks now… Breezes with more of a bite than a chill… Clouds hanging low and heavy in a steely sky. It looked like it may actually snow early this year.

    Jaya sat on his bed, feet tucked under him; blanket wrapped around his shoulders, and looked out the window at the dreary, grey landscape, hoping it would soon. As much as he disliked the cold, he was always looked forward to the first snow of the year.

    The lacy flakes falling from the skies, covering the world as far as the eye could see in pure, dazzling white… It seemed like, for a time at least, it made things clean and new again. The air would taste sweeter, the dreary look of the bare ground covered, unpleasing angles and jags covered in a softening blanket. It was if those dainty specks scoured everything clean as they fell. He smiled, feeling a bit silly at the thought. He knew full well that within hours, the illusion of purity would be spoiled… The plows and salt trucks would come, churning the road into a cement-like wash of grey goop. People would shovel their driveways and sidewalks, leaving unnatural piles clumped at the side, heaps that would melt partially and refreeze into rock hard blocks that lingered for days after the rest was gone. Children would go running through their yards, churning up what remained with footprints and snow angels and snow men. He couldn’t begrudge them their fun, though… And the roads needed to be cleared. It was just a little sad to see something so beautiful spoiled so quickly.

    Still, he cherished those moments when everything seemed so new and full of promise, as if everything was starting fresh. It made him feel hopeful that he could do the same.

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