New Stories, Offers, and Love for My Loves!


For starters, everyone loves a new beginning, am I right?  Well, Goggles & Lace is premiering a new weekly series this Saturday called Talion.  Check out the synopsis on the new Talion page!  It’s heading into a weird sci-fi/fantasy cross, as far as I’ve planned it, so enjoy.  =]

Now.  I want to show my readers that I love them.  (Not like you kids didn’t know, yeah? =])  So, I’m currently working on a small compilation of short stories, both from the G&L archives and fresh from my brain, to put together into an e-book.  This very spiffy e-book will be offered to all new subscribers between today and October 31st.  BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!  My current subscribers still have the opportunity to receive my spiffy (as-yet-incomplete) e-book as well!  All you have to do is refer a friend to G&L, have them sign up for email subscription to the blog, and message me with their email address.  =]  You can use any of the media listed on my Contact Page to do this.  I’m hoping to have the e-book completed within the month.  I’ll keep tabs on everyone who subscribes between now and then, and email the e-book out as soon as it’s finished.

***NOTE:  I will never, ever share your email address or send you unwanted messages or spam.  I will use the email address that WordPress provides to send your e-book, and that’s it.  After that, they’ll just be automated messages letting you know when I post content.  You ABSOLUTELY have my word.***

If there are any suggestions you have for content that should be included in the book, don’t be shy about suggesting!



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6 responses to “New Stories, Offers, and Love for My Loves!

  1. Ray

    Hazzaah!! cant wait :)

  2. Erin M

    An e-book is such a cool idea!

    Also, I’m intrigued by the description of Talion; looking forward to reading it!

  3. I really like reading through a post that will make people think.
    Also, thank you for allowing for me to comment!

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