Writing Exercise: The Hero’s Journey

Salut!  Before we get to the writing exercise, I have some things I’d like to address.

First, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY SISTER!  She’s been through a slew of unpleasantness this week, and she really deserves a great birthday.  Also, unless you’re excited about being able to rent a car at 25, Sam, 21 is the Last Great Birthday.  From now on you’re just “getting old.”  =P   Enjoy that thought.  I love you, and happy birthday. <3

NEXT!  Happy Friday the 13th to everyone else!  No special notes.  Just “happy Friday the 13th.”  Is anyone planning some spiffy Friday-the-13th-themed fiction for today?

Now, drum roll, please….

Writing Exercise: The Hero’s Journey

I hear a lot of criticism about “The Hero’s Journey”.  Everyone’s always taking the elitist road and trying to avoid it like the plague.  WELL.  This week, kiddos, I challenge you to take a good, long look at your current novel.  I want you to read these steps, and do your best to apply your current novel to this formula.  Good news!  The steps don’t have to happen in order.  Number them to keep them straight for us, but show us how your “I don’t subscribe to The Hero’s Journey” novel applies to The Hero’s Journey.  =P

Just for fun.  <3  Link:  The Hero’s Journey.


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4 responses to “Writing Exercise: The Hero’s Journey

  1. Erin M

    Happy birthday to your sister! =D

    Also, I’m going to have to set a chunk of time aside to do this writing exercise. I started with the first few points, and it made me laugh how the story actually fits.

  2. Zack Hardy

    1. A woman from my main character’s (MC) past arrives and insists he must take her case. (Call to adventure)
    2. He refuses. (Refusal to the call)
    3. His meets up with his current girlfriend and she says she’ll come with him to New York. (Supernatural aid)
    4. He goes to New York. (Crosses the First Threshold)
    5. He meets with his former boss. (Belly of the Whale)
    6. He has to find the various people the victim talked to that night. (Road of Trials)
    7. He tells his current girlfriend everything because he realizes he loves her more than anything. (Meeting with the Goddess)
    8. He tortures a victim, something he hadn’t done in 16 years. (Woman as Temptress)
    9. He is knocked out and nearly killed by the killer. (Atonement with the father)
    10. He becomes depressed because his girlfriend leaves him. (Apotheosis)
    11. He saves one of the girls he’s looking for. (The Ultimate Boon)
    12. He refuses to go back and find the second girl. (Refusal of return)
    13. He has to deal with Johnny Monfredo. (Rescue from without)
    14. He is forced to deal with Liz again. (The Crossing of the Return Threshold)
    15. He kills his brother and moves on to the White Tower. (Master of Two Worlds)
    16. He returns home after killing all those that tainted his past. (Freedom to Live)

    Goddamn that was harder than I thought, Kit.

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