Exercise 5 – How Does it Feel?

I’ve  been hunting new and exciting writing exercises to rattle your brains a bit, and in that hunt, I came across Meredith Sue Willis, an author and teacher whose site is geared toward helping writers improve their craft.  I’ve decided very quickly that I love this woman, so visit her page, and check out all the fantastic writer-y things she has to offer.

This week’s writing exercise is pulled from her website, so enjoy:

Read this passage from a novel-in-progress by Elizabeth Derby:

… I’ve never been this dedicated to my writing before. It’s amazing how easily the words flow, how real the characters seem to me. When people talk about the ‘muse’, this must be what they mean. I feel like I have a waterfall of stories inside of me, the shapes and details so real, and they’re constantly flooding against the dam of my daily life. I feel them gather with greater and greater force, spreading through my mind, my eyes, until they fill everything, my thoughts, my eyelids when I close them. If I don’t open the gate as frequently as possible, I’m truly afraid I will drown….

Write a passage in which you describe what it feels like when your writing is going really well.

How about when it’s going badly?

There you have it, kids!  I though it might be fun to give it a shot.  <3  Link me if you like, and I’ll post your exercise here.


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