Encouragement! – May Challenge

On Saturday, I challenged my readers to take part in a little challenge for the month of May:

Write or plot for a minimum of ten minutes per day from the 1st to the 31st.

The kitchen timer is effective, of course, and I’m sure some people prefer it, but for anyone who wants to up the stakes, I urge you to try Write or Die. It’s a program that lets you input a time limit or word goal, gives you a list of consequences and a ‘grace period.’

How this works: For the time (or word count) allotted, you write continuously, with the option to pause only once. The ‘grace period’ is how long you’re able to go before A) a little box pops up to remind you that you’ve stopped writing, B) a horrible, ear-destroying sound comes out of your speakers, or C) your text begins erasing itself. (Hint: Never pick “Evil” as your consequence!)

Hell of a motivator, am I right?

So, there’s my recommendation. =P Now, I’m off to tweak some fiction for a submission to Weird Tales Magazine! That should take care of today’s 10 minutes (and THEN some)!

Happy writing, kiddos. <3



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2 responses to “Encouragement! – May Challenge

  1. Jess Witkins

    OMG I used Writeordie once. Scary. I’m such a critical thinker that tool is insane. If you’re freewriting or want to pound out the word goal, it’s a great tool.

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