6:30am does nothing for my mental state…

SO. At 6:30am, I woke up with a bug in my shirt, ripped my clothes off, beat it into submission with a phone book, and flushed it down the toilet.

I was very displeased by these events.

Also, LfBH: Part 7 is going to be super late, because a virus ate my computer. Any advice on how to get rid of XP Home Security 2011 would be more than appreciated.

AND. As I’m FINALLY winding down from the bug incident and settling back into bed, I get this smashing idea for a fantasy/sci fi race.

Unfortunately, it came to me in bullet points, and I haven’t made much progress since. Also, I’m still working on the reproductive anatomy…. so I assume Google and Wikipedia are in my future. Also, this new fantasy race may be the perfect excuse for me to write more boy-slash without having to justify it socially within the story. Earth is stupid, and I refuse to write about it.

Just kidding. I still love all my human friends.




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7 responses to “6:30am does nothing for my mental state…

  1. Jess Witkins

    Wow. I like this. For many many reasons. Ok, the bug thing is gross and I feel your pain, I hate all insects. The virus? If it’s the same one I got, AVG scans found it for me and got rid of it. And refusing to write about earth? That’s spectacular! Check out my post tomorrow, I think you’ll enjoy it. :)

    • I have no idea how that bug got there. @_@ I’m not entirely sure I WANT to know. *shudder*

      AVG, huh? If I can get it to download, install, and run, I’ll definitely give it a shot. That thing is driving me batty…. It’s so resilient!

      I look forward to your post though! I’m eager to find out how it ties in to my rant about hating Earth. XD

  2. Cities of the Mind

    I confess, I am laughing at your distress, sorry. The bug had to be better than twelve cups of coffee and red bull for waking you up, though! And it sounds like it jumpstarted your brain.

    As per the virus, as Jess mentioned above, AVG is great, and it has a free version available for download. So that’s what I’d do.

    And reproductive anatomy. . . searching google. . . in other times that would be the sort of journey that took place in a region marked “Heere There be Dragonnes” and, in this case, they’d be right. Good luck, and remember eyes don’t work in reverse brave academician.

  3. Erin M

    EW BUG!

    I’m so sorry to hear about the computer virus. =[ =[ =[

    Buuuut, best of luck fleshing out your new race! Sounds like fun! ^_^

  4. El Jefe

    For your virus:

    Restart Windows in safe mode w/ networking (hit F8 when windows is booting up until you can choose to boot in safe mode w/ networking

    Download Rkill, save it and run it:

    Download Malwarebytes, save it, update it, and run it:

    You should be good at this point, sometimes the virus will try to run your browser through a proxy, so if you can’t get online properly go to tools: internet options: connections: lan settings, and uncheck proxy (assuming IE)

    this details the same basic process, in a lot more detail:

    all of these links/programs are legit, they’ve worked for me before

  5. El Jefe

    For Your virus:

    Restart windows in safe mode w/ networking: hit F8 while the computer is booting up until you get the boot menu, then choose safe mode w/ networking

    Download, save, and run Rkill:

    Download, save, update, and run malwarebytes:

    More in depth summary of this process:

    Should be good at this point, sometimes the virus tries to run your browser through a proxy, if your browser is not working once you’re in safe mode, go to: tools: internet options: connections: lan settings, and uncheck “proxy”

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