Curse my girl mind…

So I had this dream about David Tennant. I dreamed that he was supposed to be speaking at a theme park, so me and a friend were going to go. But I saw him at a jazz club the night before, jamming with the band. We didn’t talk, I just thought it was weird.

ANYWAY, so the next day, Jess and I go to the theme park, and Tennant is supposed to be speaking on a rope bridge, and it really is this BIG LONG RIDICULOUS rope bridge. So we go up, and he’s just HANGING out with a bunch of random people. Like 50 people just chillin’ on this rope bridge, surrounding Tennant. So I get right up to the front, and hang out listening. Then we all leave.

But I got home, and he shows up like RIGHT AFTER ME at my house, and starts talking to my dad. And then he and I got to talking and he said he noticed me on the bridge.

End dream.

Also, he had his real Scottish accent, instead of his fake English Doctor Who accent. And on the bridge, he was wearing a kilt.

I haven’t dreamed of a celebrity since I was like…. 14. Super weird. Weirder that I woke up smiling.

Curse my girl mind…. ~_~



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4 responses to “Curse my girl mind…

  1. Jess Witkins

    Oh, that is much better than the time I dreamed about Scott Baio from Charles in Charge. Much much better. lol.

  2. Looks like eating Subway sandwiches during the midnight hour is probably not a good thing. :-p

  3. Erin M

    Hahaha, that sounds like the best dream ever. David Tennant and his real Scottish accent. And a kilt. YUM! ^_^

  4. Unabridged Girl

    I love dreams like this. So random. So fun. And David Tennant? YES! XD

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