Over My Head

So, I’m working on the next installment of Phae/Tully, and I realize that I’ll need at LEAST 6 MORE ENTRIES until I get to the point in the time line where Stitches took place.  And 3 more entries until I can introduce Felix again.  Ugh.

Right now, this is what it looks like:

1. A Letter from Count Malrais
2. Phaedra Meets Tully (Which I think I’m just going to call Tully, it’s less clumsy.)
3. Unreleased Entry. Phae/Tully  —  Posting Monday, 03/14/11
4. Unreleased Entry. Phae/Tully
5. Unreleased Entry. Phae/Tully
6. Unreleased Entry. Felix
7. Unreleased Entry. Felix
8. Unreleased Entry. Phae/Tully & Felix
9. Stitches

And so on.

So.  That installment was poorly timed.  =P

This week I’m posting a featured blog on Wednesday and another on Thursday to make up for my slacking last week.  Friday’s exercise is already in the drafts and ready for posting.  I’m on track, kids, I promise!  Just got a little sidetracked this week. <3


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