Exercise 3: Let’s Chat

I was having a rough time figuring out exactly what I should do for an exercise this week, but I know I promised you guys an exercise in characterization.  The week before last, during Exercise 1, I asked you to write a letter or diary entry from your character’s point of view, and it seemed like people had a harder time with it than I expected.  So I did some hunting.

Writing Forward, by Melissa Donovan, is a fantastic creative writing blog that offers the reader dozens of ways to improve their writing.  If you have even the remotest desire to get into writing, I really recommend you go there to at least check it out.

This is part of a post about getting into character, and your exercise this week:

Exercise #1: Chat

Launch your word processing software and start up a conversation with your character. Most of us have engaged in online chat or instant messaging. This is the same idea. If chat is not a comfortable medium for you, then try composing emails back and forth between you and your character.

Before you start, you might want to come up with a list of questions to ask your character. Also, this is a great exercise to use when you get stuck in a story that doesn’t want to move forward. Simply chat with your character to try and find out what’s holding him back from taking the next step.

Your chat might look something like this:

ME: So, you’re hearing voices in your head and you’re not sure whether you’ve gone crazy or are telepathic.

CHARACTER: Obviously, I’m telepathic. Don’t tell me you don’t believe in telepathy. I know you do.

ME: How could you possibly know something like that?

CHARACTER: Because I am reading your mind right now.

–>>I want to make it clear that all credit for this post goes to Melissa Donovan over at Writing Forward.  I didn’t change or tweak the exercise in any way.  It is completely her work.  Also, her blog is fantastic and you should read it.  =]



Jessi at A BA in BS – A conversation with George.



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7 responses to “Exercise 3: Let’s Chat

  1. unabridgedgirl

    Hey, I need to read back through all your exercises, but it looks like you’ve got some great ideas here. I’ve tried the journal entry thing before, and for some reason? It really is harder than I thought, too! LoL I’ve missed ya, too, Kit!

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